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Thursday, January 2, 2014
Happy 2014 Everyone!

So that pretty much sums up how my year started.

Dog indiscretions aside, I'm feeling hopeful about 2014. I had a lot of major life changes in 2013 (uh, hello, QUIT MY JOB AND MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY), so 2013 was a bit of a roller coaster. But I'm more settled now, and I think the start of 2014 is the perfect start for new beginnings (gag, I know). This year my only resolution is to make it The Year of Yes. No matter how tempted I am to plow through Downton Abbey while snuggling with that adorable defecating Bagle Hound I hate to love and love to hate on a Friday night, if I have another option that yanks me out of my cocoon? I'm taking it.

Except for hard drugs.

Soft drugs are up for debate.

(I'm kidding Mom).

But I'm going to switch gears here - Even though I'm spouting a load of nonsense about Madame Future, I'm going to take you back to Monsieur Past. Back when I was a wee undergrad at the University of Miami (Go Canes!) a million years ago, my friends and I spent hours eating and drinking at the regular campus hangout, The Rathskeller (R.I.P. Old Rathskeller, you'll always be the best), less formally known as The Rat. Yes, they served booze on campus and I may or may not have shown up to class a few times *slightly* under the influence.

(Again, totally kidding Mom...mostly...)

In addition to Thirsty Thursdays, The Rat also served hands down the most amazing veggie burger I have ever had. Also, the music at The Rat was All 90s All The Time. Phenomenal.

Anyhoo, my little University of Texas Alumni sister Emily enjoyed many an hour at Pluckers in Austin. And from the stories I've heard, it seems like Pluckers : Emily :: The Rat : Kim .

So imagine her delight when she found out there was a Pluckers opening in Houston, just in time for her arrival from college!

I was excited as well because every time her Awkward Older Sister paid her a visit, Pluckers would always be one of our stops. And even though I was older than the median age by about, oh 37 years (That's a lie. I'm not even 30), I really liked it there. The wings were great, the service was awesome, and the atmosphere was dive-y and fun.

The other day we decided to order takeout and give the Houston Pluckers a whirl.

The wings were great, but if you like them saucier definitely order extra sauce. We requested extra sauce, but I think they forgot, so I would recommend asking for your sauce on the side. We ordered the Hallelujah Wings and the Mild Wings. The Mild Wings are pretty standard buffalo style wings, and are still slightly spicy. And I LOVE the Hallelujah Wings - They're sweet, tangy, and moderately spicy. Super tasty.

The fries were pretty standard waffle fries. Nothing life-changing or anything, but still good. Then again, a french fry would have to try really hard to make me dislike it. Like, really betray me in some dramatic Game of Thrones medieval fashion of sorts in a way that only a deeply trusted french fry can.

Why no, I didn't watch an obscene amount of television during my holiday break, why do you ask?

The inside of the place looks really nice, though we couldn't really tell what the crowd would be like since we ordered takeout for lunch on a Tuesday. So that part remains to be seen. I do think this Pluckers will draw a huge nostalgic UT Alumni crowd, so we'll have to see if it will appeal to a broader demographic as well.

Alright, here's what we've learned in today's blog post:

1) 2014 is the Year of Yes. Go with it.
2) Kim was a bit of a swashbuckler in college (I don't even know what that means).
3) Go to Pluckers. Get the wings. Ask for extra wing sauce on the side. Never look back (Unless you're comparing it to your favorite swashbuckling college hangout).
4) Arya Stark : Game of Thrones :: Sybil Crawley : Downton Abbey. I dare you to disagree.

I wonder what steps I would have to take to get a Rathskeller built here in Houston.....


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