French Gourmet Bakery

Thursday, January 23, 2014
This is the opposite of awesome:

Houston, is that a snowflake I see on the forecast?! "Wintry Mess in Heart of Texas"?! GIANT ASTEROID HEADED OUR WAY?!

I thought we had a deal, Houston.

Well, if my beautiful, perfect weather is going to be rudely yanked away from me, the LEAST I can do is eat my feelings in the form of perfect fluffy baked goods!

I'm really not a sweet tooth person, so I wasn't expecting to be blown away when I ordered some treats for the office from French Gourmet Bakery.

But boy/girl, was I WRONG.

French Gourmet Bakery is a cute little shop located on Westheimer's busy, perpetually construction-ridden strip between Shepherd and Kirby. To step inside is to find a quiet, calm oasis from another time in the middle of the loud, modern, concrete jungle at its finest.

Question: How long can I use the excuse "Oh, I just ran a marathon" as my reasoning for being able to stuff my face with whatever I want? A week? A month? Until that giant asteroid hits earth? I'll take the latter.

First up was the red velvet cupcake whose size I was quite pleased with. I'm used to the Magnolias and the Crumbs of NYC, which have wonderful - but GARGANTUAN - cupcakes that serve as an entire second lunch...I mean only lunch. FGB's cupcakes were smaller and could justifiably (in my mind) serve as a delightful afternoon snack.

And then maybe have two of them. For the calcium!

This cupcake was like eating clouds. It was incredibly light, fluffy, moist, and absolutely transcendent. No lie. And that frosting? I can't. I CAN'T.

But I did.

It was by far the best red velvet cupcake I've ever had. Seriously delicious.

Next up were the cookies.

First of all, what an adorable box. I mean, really.

Second of all:

Clockwise from left: Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Thumbprint Cookies
 Is this real life? I most certainly hope so!

These were gobbled up in no time flat by my co-workers, but I managed to smuggle a chocolate chip and thumbprint cookie. The chocolate chip cookie was PHENOMENAL. Again, super fluffy (Seriously, what's the secret ingredient? A bit of HEAVEN?), not too sweet, and absolutely perfect. The thumbprint cookie, which has a coconut cookie base, was also really good. Although it was much richer than the cupcake and the chocolate chipper, it was quite the delectable little treat.

So if you're like me and you need to cry over some baked goods about the impending SNOW (when I first typed that I wrote "SNOT." Just making sure everyone's on the same page here), or if you've run a marathon sometime in the last century, OR if you just really want some awesome baked treats, I cannot recommend this wonderful little place enough!

And I dare you to take a glance at FGB's beautiful pastry-lined displays and not eat all of it.

Bring it snow/asteroid/mystery uncovered in the Italian alps.


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