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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
This post was done in partnership with Revolution Studio, who provided me with a complimentary two-week pass to all of their Houston locations. I was not monetarily compensated for writing this fitness post. All opinions are completely, 100% my own!

If you haven't taken a spin class in months, prepare to get your tush kicked.

(side note: One of the many - we are talking hundreds of - nicknames I have for my dog Newton is "little tush." Knowledge of this will make you either like me more or less. Jury is still out.)

I was fortunate enough to be able to try Revolution Studio out for two weeks recently. My rockstar friend Lindsay is a yoga instructor there, and she's always posting such inspiring things about the studio, that I had to try it out! Revolution offers my two main fitness loves, Spin and Yoga, so I was totally game!

Last weekend I started yoga teacher training at Black Swan Yoga (YESOMGI'MSOEXCITEDANDTOTALLYFREAKINGOUT!!!!), so I decided that before I jumped into a life of All Yoga All The Time, I'd take my other fitness love Spin out for a spin (see what I did there?)! I attended several indoor cycling classes at their Houston Memorial location (okay, and yes, threw a yoga class in there because how could I not?) because that one is closest to home and work.

The studio is clean, bright, and pretty. The staff are super helpful, energetic, and welcoming!

And when I say I hadn't attended a spin class in months, I mean  M  O  N  T  H  S . And when I say it kicked my tush, I mean  T  U  S  H       K  I  C  K  E  D .

Just ask both my dogs, Tushy One and Tushy Two.

(oh, don't even pretend like you didn't see that one coming.)

All of the classes I took were so empowering, set to heart-pumping, inspiring music (I may have actually cried a little bit during the Pride Day class...), and were such a killer workout! I've taken many many different indoor cycling classes throughout the years. I've absolutely loved a lot, and I've absolutely hated a lot. The spin classes at Revolution Studio rank high on the list of ones that I love! The energy in the room was always so electric, and everyone left with a smile on their faces and totally jazzed about the past 45 minutes.

The yoga classes I took there (I also attended one a few months back at the Houston Upper Kirby location with the Houston Food Blogger Collective) were also fantastic - Warm, sweaty, centering, and inspiring!

If you are looking for a bomb-tastic spin class in Houston, (and if you're looking to add in some yoga as well!), Revolution is not only a one-stop shop, it's a welcoming studio that offers high-quality, tush-kicking classes that make you feel empowered, healthy, and wanting more!

Just ask Newty-New and Tushy-Two!
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