Wednesday, January 15, 2014
I've refreshed weather.com about 47 times on my computer today.

And the crazy part about it? I don't even like weather.com. In fact, I loathe weather.com. I loathe weather.com because inevitably I'll be sitting at my dining room table in the morning, eating my Count Chocula -- err, Kashi Go Lean, I'll think to myself, "I should check out the weather," go to weather.com, and get greeted by the most disgusting photos imaginable of rotting feet and maggots on top of cupcakes, and and and...I'll stop there, but just know there are always a million photos of gross NOT WEATHER things that no sane person would want to see while they're eating their Fruity Pebbles. I mean, Grape Nuts.

Why do I keep doing that?

Anyway, even though I loathe weather.com, I've been refreshing it repeatedly because HOUSTON YOU PLAYED A NASTY TRICK ON ME THIS PAST WEEKEND. See, my Happy Place involves a world that only has cold weather from Thanksgiving through New Years. After that, I firmly believe the summer should instantly begin. However, I know that's not entirely realistic (even down here), so I never actually thought it was a possibility.

But then last weekend happened.

It was sunny! Blue skies! 75 degrees! My dream was really coming true!

I think you all know what happened next. Yes, the perfect weather has gone away. It isn't cold, per se, but it isn't warm either. So I keep hitting that "refresh" button on my dear old frenemy weather.com, hoping for some sign of warmth, and keeping my fingers crossed that those temps raise a liiiittle bit more. Now that I have had a glimpse of heaven, I never want to look back. Don't let me down Houston.

Obviously, when I met up with my mom and our friend Christy last Sunday for lunch at Pondicheri, we didn't even have to debate if we wanted to sit inside or outside on that beautiful sunny day.

Sandals, Maxi Dresses, and T-Shirts, oh my!

During breakfast and lunch, Pondicheri is a counter service restaurant. It's super light and colorful inside. And if you go, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to the restroom hallway to look at the long adorable wall painted with inspiring, sweet quotations.

To start, I ordered the Shandy, which is a lager mixed with the Indian version of Sprite. This drink was so refreshing and absolutely perfect for sitting outside on a beautiful summer (or...January?) day. I can't wait to drink another one while laying out by the pool tomorrow!

I'm really doing some hardcore "Secret"-ing here, weather.com.

And yes, I absolutely read that book. My future marriage to John Krasinski depended on it.

Now I've had a good amount of Indian food in the past, but it's mostly been curries and naan, so I wanted to venture outside my comfort zone a little. Christy has been to Pondicheri roughly 742 times (No seriously. She's had reviews for every single item on the menu.), so she was the perfect person to consult. After much debate, I settled on the Keema Frankie (beef keema slow cooked with caramelized onions, tomato, yogurt and warm spices), which is essentially, as Christy put it, "an Indian burrito." Sign me up!

I ordered it with the Pondicheri salad on the side, and it was all really great. The egg wrap that housed the beef keema was super fluffy, and the meat was juicy and seasoned beautifully.

Man, I really want one right now but since I'm currently living in a House of Lame while preparing for Sunday's marathon (10% chance of rain! Sounds good to me, weather.com!), I'll have to refrain.

My mother ordered the Rancher platter, which was my second choice, so I sampled its offerings of butter chicken, sayel lamb, smoked eggplant, kachumber, quinoa khichri, and naan. Sweet Mother of Pearl, that butter chicken was DIVINE. The other standout in the crowd was the smoked eggplant, which had a sneaky spicy kick a few seconds after ingestion. Again, I really want all of it RIGHT now.

Located in the beautiful West Ave apartment complex in Upper Kirby, Pondicheri is an exceptionally good, very decently priced Indian restaurant. My overall review of Pondicheri? It's AWESOME.

I'll see all of you there the day after the marathon when it's sunny and 80 degrees!!

Come on weather.com....


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