Beck's Prime in Memorial Park

Monday, January 13, 2014
There are three very important things I need to discuss:

1) THIS WEATHER WE'RE HAVING. Oh. my. gorsh. THIS is why I moved back to Houston - forget the fact that I'm now close to my family that I love so much and have an amazing job that I love so much. The beautiful spring weekend we just had in, oh, JANUARY? Made me fall in love with Houston hard. I mean, we'll revisit this topic again in August when my hair has become roughly the size of Nebraska due to 175% humidity, but for now? I'm totally going steady with H-Tizzle.

2) The Bachelor is on again tonight!!! That is all.

3) I'm running in the Houston marathon this coming Sunday (Eek! What have I done?!), and I'm super excited, and super nervous, and stupidly emotional about it, BUT I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING LIKE THIS FOR THE NEXT 6 DAYS:

#RealLifeProblems, guys.

Last week I met up with my Dad, my sister Emily, and my friend Lenny for lunch at Beck's Prime in Memorial Park. This counter service spot is a tad more expensive than other burger joints (but let's be honest I still see the world through New York City Goggles, so it seemed normal to me), but the quality of food totally justifies the price.

I decided to stray from my typical burger of the bacon cheddar variety, and boy was I glad that I did. My Blue Cheeseburger was absolutely perfect. Not only did they cook it perfectly to my medium rare order, but the quality of it was downright amazing. Not a greasy spoon burger, the Beck's burger takes it a step up in terms of fresh, prime (ha, get it? "prime"?...sorry) ingredients. Also, the combination of blue cheese, mayo, and veggie toppings was so simple, yet so delectable. I seriously want to marry this burger. Is that legal yet?

And the fries! Phenomenal! I know it doesn't take a lot for me to love a fry, but it does take a lot for me to be impressed by a fry, and these fries delivered. They were perfectly cooked (not soggy, but not too crunchy), and beautifully seasoned. They were no-ketchup-needed fries. Maybe I could just try to sneak in one before the marathon....

Oh, and of course we had to share a Chocolate Shake!

Now I'm a bit of a milkshake snob, having grown accustomed to NYC's Shake Shack, but this shake was pretty solid. Or liquid.

And the bad joke award goes to....!

Anyway, the milkshake tasted like a more legitimate Wendy's Frosty. Which, I mean, who doesn't love a Wendy's Frosty, let alone a more legitimate one? It was smooth, thick, and super indulgent. Quite the chocolatey delight!

What's that famous saying? "A week straight of eating only burgers and fries and shakes, a healthy marathoner it makes?"

Yeah, that's definitely it.


  1. Lolll I giggled my way through this post. Good luck on Sunday!!! I might be volunteering for the marathon, but there is no way I'm in good enough shape to run one. Woohoo, so exciting!! Also, I'm going to have to try one of those shakes. After 6 years in Houston, I can't believe I still haven't been to Beck's Prime!

    1. Erika - I'll be the sweaty mess who looks like she's about to keel over and die, so be sure to say hi!! :) And thanks!


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