Little Woodrow's on Shepherd

Monday, January 27, 2014
Now that the marathon is over I can eat things like this:

And drink things like this:

And design things like this:

That's a lie. There's no way I could create something so majestic.

But Little Woodrow's can!

Last week I  met up with my two running buddies Suzanne and Jenny for Happy Hour at the Little Woodrow's on Shepherd, which opened back in May 2013. And we may or may not have worn our marathon finisher medals.

(We did).

I only snapped one lousy picture of the inside, but believe me when I say, the place is HUGE. The massive bar has about 700 beers on tap (okay 50, but that's a lot!), and there's a pool table, Foosball table, arcade games, and virtually limitless seating.

As I waited for my girlfriends I sat at the bar and asked for a good lager. Full disclosure: I'm terrible with beer. I like beer. I know that I like lagers. But I never really know what brands I like, and I always forget what I ordered on previous occasions. This occasion was no exception. The bartender gave me a stinkin' good lager in a 20 ounce mug (20 ounces for the price of a pint on Tuesdays!), and I fell in love with it.

As far as the food goes, even though LW claims their food is "pretty darn good" I was honestly just expecting standard bar fare.

Well, I am happy to report that Little Woodrow's was not lying!

First up, we ordered the Chips and "Sparky's" Queso.

Y'all. This was AWESOME. I seriously was blown away by the richness and amount of flavor in the queso. It really was absolutely perfect.

And yes, I just "Y'all"'ed y'all.

Then we ordered the previously pictured Fried Pickles, which were also pretty darn extraordinary.  The pickles were still incredibly juicy, even though the breading was crispy and not at all soggy. I'm pretty sure I ate all of them before Suzanne and Jenny had a chance to blink.

Next up, I had to order a Basket of Fries, obviously.

They were good. Nothing completely extraordinary like the queso or fried pickles, but still tasty. The fries were nice and salty and served super hot, which I'm a fan of. But I probably would have preferred them a tad crispier, and maybe with some additional seasonings. Regardless, it was a pretty solid offering of fries.

I'm very happy to have paid a visit to the Little Woodrow's on Shepherd. It's so full of character, and the food is really darn good. It was the perfect spot to catch up with my running gals and recount the joys and miseries of the marathon. I can't wait to go back and sit on the patio with a pint once the weather gets nice again!

Speaking of weather, I'm pretending that's claim of FLURRIES in Houston tomorrow is just some sort of a sick joke.


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