The Great Cookie (C)Rumble

Friday, August 28, 2015
It's Friday! You made it! You deserve a cookie!

...or twenty.


(twenty thousand.)

If any of you regularly follow the local food bloggers, you may have seen that there was a super fun get-together involving chocolate chip cookies last weekend. A group of Houston bloggers did a blind sampling of twenty different chocolate chip cookies from around town, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it! Organized by my idol-turned-awesome-friend Erika, and hosted by Ashley Rose and Jared in their beautiful studio, the sugar-fueled event was a total blast!

The bakeries and restaurants that participated in the (c)rumble were Ooh La La, Mongoose Versus Cobra, Weights + Measures, The Chocolate Bar, New York Bagels, Fluff Bake Bar, Barnaby's, French Gourmet Bakery, Petite Sweets, Brown Bag Deli, Tout Suite, Michael's Cookie Jar, Common Bond, Pondicheri, Red Dessert Dive, Smoosh, Siphon Coffee, Tiny Boxwoods, Tiff's Treats, and Revival Market.

Several of these awesome places donated a bunch of their cookies to the cause, including French Gourmet Bakery, the bakery whose chocolate chip cookies I've been devouring for quite some time now and my "entry" in the (c)rumble! (Shoutout to Morgan who picked their cookies up since I wasn't able to!)

After overdosing on chocolate chip cookies, our votes (based on Flavor, Appearance, Texture, and Chocolate) were tallied (in an impressively record-quick amount of time by Erin, might I add). The top five rated cookies were:

1) Tiny Boxwoods

2) Common Bond

3) Michael's Cookie Jar

4) Brown Bag Deli

5) Red Dessert Dive

My personal top five were as followed (there was a four-way tie for second place because I love everything apparently, and no I'm not surprised):

1) Michael's Cookie Jar

2) French Gourmet Bakery

2) Ooh La La

2) Tiny Boxwoods

2) Common Bond

That being said, all twenty cookies were unique and lovely and delicious in their own way, and I would gladly order them all at different times, depending on what kind of mood (i.e., super chocolatey mood, not so sweet mood, gooey mood, salty get me) I was in!

The cookie monsters in attendance were Erika (The Pancake Princess), Ashley Rose and Jared (Sugar & Cloth), Lisa (Maple and Love), Isabel (, Claire (The Petite Professional), Julie (Aces of Taste), Lauren (How to Eat, R.D.), Jenna (, Abby (ShopGirl Blog), Megha (, Morgan (The Foodie Chef), and Erin (Tidbits). If you have a chance, go pay their sites a visit - They are all super awesome!! Not only are their sites and contributions to the Houston food scene awesome, this is a warm, friendly, inclusive group of people. One thing I've learned from the many food events I've attended in Houston is that no one is a stranger!

And thank you again to all of the bakeries and restaurants who contributed to this wonderful shindig! They each bring a unique and exciting flavor to the Houston food scene. I recommend every one of them!

(though maybe not all in one sitting because #CookieComas are a real thing people.)

All of the cookies.   a l l.   o f.   t h e m.


  1. Omg I LOVE THIS. And your top 5. I loved all of those. Cookie doughy French Gourmet 4 lifeee.

    Also "idol-turned-awesome-friend Erika" STOP. You were basically my restaurateur idol before we met. So glad we became friends!!

    1. I'm drunk on cookies and this giant love fest we're having.

  2. I need to find a way to get invited to these things simply because my husband is a chocolate chip cookie-aholic and I was able to identify many of these on sight alone (yes, I was stalking the hashtag and salivating). Common Bond is probably my favorite, though Tiny Boxwoods is good (just not in my regular rotation). When we lived in Katy, we were Ooh La La drive-thru regulars and always sad when the cookies were sold out at the end of the day (okay fine, A was but I'm more of a slave to their cupcakes). Anyway, this looks amazing and way to add to my blogging identity crisis because now I want to focus on food just to get to play with baked goods all day!

    1. I personally want to do a french fry sampling next because french fries make my world go round. I'll let you know if that happens! :)

      Also, I definitely recommend applying to be a part of the Houston Food Blogger Collective (, you'd be perfect for it. They do a lot of fun events and have great suggestions for things going on in Houston!


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