Brunchin' at Provisions

Monday, August 17, 2015
I feel like I can finally breathe.

Last weekend Jon and I (and our pups Baxter and Newton) moved into an apartment in the Heights, and while I did my best to practice my meditative breathing and stay calm and centered during the busy, transitional, throwing-my-hair-in-a-ponytail-every-day-because-I-can't-be-bothered week prior, there always seemed to be...

food stuck in my teeth.

While the food in my teeth was literal, it was also metaphorical, serving as a constant reminder that as much as I tried to have it together? Ha! Not even close. I would eat breakfast, go about my day, talk to a bunch of my coworkers, then HOURS LATER would go into the bathroom to notice a giant horrifying piece of spinach wedged (and I mean WEDGED) in between my two front teeth. Lunch was the same. Dinner was the same. Every day. Lather, rinse, repeat.

You know those weeks. You get me.

But now I can finally breathe! Breathe, and enjoy this exciting new living and learning situation!

(and start carrying dental floss around with me at all times.)

The weekend prior to the move, I snuck away from packing for a little while to join my friends Judy and Erika for brunch at Provisions. I still cannot believe it took me so long to finally dine there.

As a veteran Provisions brunch-goer, Judy insisted we order the buttermilk biscuits with butter and honey to start.

Sidenote, you know what's awesome about eating somewhere you've never been before with a foodie who has? They will never steer you wrong.

These biscuits were OUTSTANDING. They were flaky, buttery, and light, with several pillow-y layers of biscuit-y goodness. Paired with the herbed butter - which we deduced was flavored with thyme - and the smooth, sweet honey, they were absolute heaven.

Because all three of us are food-obsessed, we ordered a bunch of things to share.

Next up were the roasted shishito peppers with Thai soffrito and cilantro.

These were another hit! The pop-able peppers were beautifully roasted with a hint of smokiness on the skin. The smooth inside of each pepper was a great contrast to the slightly tougher exterior, and the flavors were playful and satisfying. Judy told us she'd heard that one in every ten shishito peppers is spicy, so we played a really fun game of "who got the hot pepper?" for an indeterminate length of time.

...are you still my friend?

After the peppers (about 4 of mine were spicy, I knew you were dying to know), we enjoyed what was far and away my favorite part of the meal - the wood oven baked eggs florentine with spinach, mushrooms, and parmesan.

Lordy these were incredible. The velvety roasted potatoes were intoxicating with the silky, garlicky spinach and fragrant parmesan swirled in. The bubbling baked eggs sent everything over the top in this Skillet of Wonder. Accompanied by fluffy, fresh toast, this dish was utterly sensational.


Last up was the belgian waffle with smoked maple ice cream and banana caramel.

So, basically dessert. Fantastic, beautiful, brunch-y dessert. Since I don't really have a sweet tooth, I cannot tell you the last time I even ordered a waffle. But Nelly, was this good. The waffle itself was fluffy, yet wonderfully crispy on the outside. The mashed up banana/caramel fosters-esque situation was divine. And that maple ice cream was light, not too rich, and not too sweet. I'm no waffle expert, but I feel confident in saying this was an impressive and exceptional waffle. Even The Pancake Princess herself seemed to enjoy it!

My brunch experience at Provisions was a home run. We did hit a small bump in the beginning when we were given an incorrect menu from the previous week (the menu changes, so look alive people) and were disappointed to learn there would be no falafel hash browns. BUT the great service and amazing food we ended up with more than made up for it! Brunch at Provisions is lovely and affordable, and the quality of the food is outrageously awesome. I'm dying to go back to try their dinner menu soon!

 Do I have food in my teeth?

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  1. You bring the bday treats and your coworkers still don't help you out with a food in the teeth situation? Ouch!

    I went to Provisions when it first opened and loved it. L-O-V-E-D, it was my favorite. Subsequent visits had me less and less excited and then my recent poor experience at The Pass has me all kinds of hesitant to go again. But, I do love brunch, and if it's affordable, then maybe I have one more shot left in me. I hate eggs but that skillet sounds great!

    1. The struggle isn't over! I just found a large piece of black pepper in my tooth. I ate breakfast 4 hours ago, womp womp.

      I actually thought about your recent Pass experience when I went to Provisions. I haven't been to The Pass, but I really really REALLY loved brunch at Provisions. I say give it a whirl! There were plenty of enticing non-egg options on the menu when we went. ;)

  2. Eeeek I just realized my last two comments to you were negative-ish and I feel so bad! Off to say great things NOW!

    1. Haha, no way, your comments are always insightful, funny, and much appreciated!


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