The 2015 Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Last night I had the pleasure of attending this year's Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza. If you've been following along recently, I ran a contest last month for a pair of tickets to the event. Therefore I had to attend it as well so I could report back on it! My boyfriend Jon and our friends Kate and Jason had an awesome night of Houston food sampling!

For as packed as it was, and for as long as the lines were, everything moved very quickly, and we were able to taste many - and I mean many - different foods. Prior to going I thought there might be a chance I'd leave the event still hungry, especially with my vegetarian diet. Not the case!

Upon entry, every attendee was given a souvenir wine glass, a voting token to vote for their favorite booth, and a cleverly constructed food tray. Then the games began.

Obviously my favorite booth.

The biggest pan of paella you ever did see!

One of my favorite booths of the night, Ragu & Pesto.

(Pasta served out of a giant wheel of parmesan? #dreamsdocometrue)

Maine-ly Sandwiches had a Kim-friendly option!

A woman walked by me, and upon seeing me with my mini, pink, sprinkled Shipley's donut, started laughing, and said, "You do what you gotta do girl!"

With pleasure.

I ran into the lovely ladies from Urban Swank outside the Pepperoni's tent. There, we chatted with the owner Ray Salti. He got me super pumped about Bollo Wood Fired Pizza, soon to be opening in the [much beloved and greatly missed!] Sorrel Urban Bistro old location.

(And, Pepperoni's pizza is absolutely delicious for the record.)

"Facebook hashtag us!"-The Radio Milano guys

Also, this winning booth was the fan favorite among my fellow adventurers, as well as the other attendees. Their creamy risotto was akin to the dish I had during my actual visit there. Jon, Kate, and Jason tried it served underneath veal cheeks so tender you could cut it with a spoon, and they were totally floored.

The Iron Fork competition took place on a large stage, where chefs Randy Rucker (Bramble) and Kevin Naderi (Roost, Lilo & Ella) faced off in a cooking challenge!

Overall, the event was fantastic. We were able to sample foods from countless Houston restaurants, many of which I had never even heard of and am now excited to visit. For the amount of food you eat and drinks you drink - plus the souvenir wine glass - it is well worth the $40-$50 General Admission ticket. The only thing that might've been nice would have been if booths could have somehow indicated on their signs if there were vegetarian offerings, plus any other dietary descriptors. But again, even though lines were long they moved incredibly quickly. So if I got to the front and realized there was only meat, it wasn't really a huge deal!

If you love Houston food, but you weren't able to go this year, be sure to mark it in your calendar for next year. You'll get to sample a whole slew of H-Town favorites, and you'll have a total blast!

 And you'll get to take a fancy picture.


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