Vacation Days: San Antonio

Thursday, April 9, 2015
The subject line really should read, "Vacation Days: San Antonio, Cibolo, Marion, Canyon Lake, and Beyond-Oh My!" but I'm trying to up my cool factor here.

(no I'm not.)

But before I get into the vacay, I know everyone's been anxiously awaiting the news of my March Madness results (no?). I am happy to report that yours truly - who knows absolutely nothing about basketball - had drawn Duke from the beginning in one of my spreads and went on to win the whole thing! It boded well for me that the spread required absolutely zero skill or knowledge of the sport.

So, vacation! Jon and I recently went away for the weekend to visit Mark - one of his besties from high school (Jon really loves that I just referred to his buddy as his "bestie", sidenote) - and Mark's awesome fiance Kelly, who live in Cibolo. Cibolo is a cute, small 'burb of San Antonio, with plenty to do nearby. Notable restaurants we ate at that weekend were Cured in San Antonio and Gennaro's in Canyon Lake, but I'll do separate posts on those soon. Otherwise, I'd love to share the rest of my photos from the weekend with you all!

This is Wilson. He was really excited about us coming.

One afternoon, we had lunch at a cute little country restaurant called GG's Corner Cafe, located in the itsy bitsy cutesy little town of Marion. They didn't have much in the way of vegetarian offerings, but I did a number on some majorly tasty fried okra, a ginormous "side" salad, and a heaping baked potato. The yin to my yang had some sort of meat lover's extreme deli sandwich.

There's this thing called the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch where you can drive your car through what's basically a Texan African safari and feed some crazy animals like zebras and llamas. So we went!

(At 2:00 in the afternoon.)

(In the dead heat of the day.)

(After all of the animals had already eaten.)

Here's what we saw:

A nice sign.

(Also we saw a truck completely roll backwards and slam into another truck as we waited on the steep hill to get in. Neither driver seemed phased or concerned. Neither got out of their car. Everyone moved on... as one does while on a safari?)

A longhorn.

Three giraffes and a pickup truck.

And there you have it! If you go, take my advice: Go in the morning right when the park opens. Mark and Kelly had done that before, and you should have heard the amazing stories about all of the incredible wildlife they saw!

We enjoyed those stories and carried them near and dear to our hearts.

And of course we had to pay a visit to our favorite winery, La Cruz de Comal!

(Photo Credit: Kelly)

Um, and in my next life I'd like to be a winery dog, please.

It was a brief, but fun weekend! Like I said, I'll be reporting soon on a couple of the restaurants we visited, so stay tuned. San Antonio and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer for a weekend away, and you don't even have to go to the River Walk! (But if you do, I won't blame you because - guilty as charged - I love the River Walk).

And you might even have a super enthusiastic host!


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