Sunday Funday: Brunch at Sorrel Urban Bistro

Friday, September 27, 2013
Things I don't miss about NYC: Winter. High rent prices. Constant exposure to the elements. Lack of sunlight. Being far away from my family. The crowded-ness.

Things I do miss about NYC: Fall. The culture. My friends. "Reliable" mass transit. BRUNCH.

Anyone who has ever been to New York City on a weekend knows that brunch is a religion there. The term "unlimited" needs no further explanation (unlimited bloody marys, mimosas, or bellinis), and brunch usually requires a major hardcore commitment. Roll out of bed hungover at 1:00, get to brunch with all of your girlfriends by 2:00, pound your unlimited bevy of choice while eating your "Ugh, I get this every time, but it's so good" meal of eggs benedict (or occasionally eggs florentine), get back home by 5:00, and go to sleep proud, slightly ashamed because you are no longer in college and really shouldn't be drunk for a solid 48 hours anymore, and satisfied.

I don't want to say that only in NYC is this behavior/ritual deemed acceptable, but...only in NYC is this behavior/ritual deemed acceptable. In my limited scope of the world, I have yet to stumble upon another city where brunch is such a to-do.

Well imagine my delight when I came across Sorrel Urban Bistro in Upper Kirby! No, they do not have an "unlimited" option, but mimosas are only 99 cents. Houston just might catch on yet!

Prior to our visit to the Menil, my friend Meredith and I started our Sunday Funday last weekend with brunch at Sorrel. Meredith is well-versed in NYC brunches, as I had forced brought her to the now-defunct Lava Cafe in Astoria when she came to visit me once (where, FYI, you got four drinks with your meal, and had to finish all 4 drinks within 2 hours - Something I'm pretty sure cannot possibly be legal and may explain the defunct-ness...).

We used a half off lunch for two coupon I got from Travelzoo, which was a pretty sweet deal. To start, we got our mimosas (duh), which were delightful and refreshing, as mimosas should be.

And before we even got our appetizer, we were greeted with these little bundles of joy:

Little baby biscuits with lingonberry butter on the side. Adorable AND delicious!

For an appetizer we shared the Baba Ganoush, and it was Baba Ga-good!

I apologize for the "Baba Ga-Good." Unacceptable.

I got the Lobster Benedict for my entree (because as you know I'm no longer allergic to crustaceans and I can do what I want don't tell me how to live my life but God knows I always have my EpiPen on hand just in case because I'm not that brave), and it was Not only did it have what appeared to be four-leaf clovers on top, but it was just utter perfection. The runny-ness of the yolk covering the delicate, soft lobster cake sent me through. the. roof. It's wrong how good that thing was.

I got a little fruit salad as my side, and it was fresh and delicious.

Also, if anyone can tell me what that baby pomegranate-looking fruit up at the top is, I will give you $5. Okay, I won't give you $5 because I never carry cash on me, but I'd be forever grateful! It sort of tasted like a white peach. But it was smaller than a peach. And pomegranate-looking on the outside. MYSTERY FRUIT, WHAT ARE YOU?!

We went splitsville, so Meredith ordered the other things I had been eyeballing - the soft shell crab benedict with a side of the pomme frites (That's "French Fries" for us lay folk). Her benny was also very good, but completely different. Whereas the lobster benedict is a poached egg over a light lobster cake, the soft shell crab benedict is a poached egg over a fried soft shell crab. Not as rich, but a little heartier, this dish definitely offered different, but delicious sensations to my palate.

And those fries, GOOD GOD. There were WHOLE CLOVES OF GARLIC in them for crying out loud! Just. If you go, get them. Just do it please.

Sorrel Urban Bistro is not the cheapest place in the world, but given the awesome service, trendy vibe inside, and the PHENOMENAL food, you definitely get your money's worth.

Thank you Houston, for giving me a brunch experience that can run with the big dogs of NYC.*

*(Except for the part where I would have been hungover and still drunk and had 6 mimosas which I didn't do this time because I'm almost 30 now and feel like death for an entire week if I do that so I only had one 99 cent mimosa which means I'm completely proud/ashamed of what I've become).


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  2. So glad to discover your blog! Your description of your meal at Sorrel Urban Bistro--and the photos--I must go there!


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