Home is where the 50,000+ Cans of Beer Are: The Beer Can House

Monday, September 30, 2013
When I was little (and by "little" I mean 26), I used to play the "If I could have a house made out of anything it would be made out of _____" game with my friends. A bathtub filled with mashed potatoes! Walls made out of Swedish Fish! Beds made out of cotton candy!

Everyone has played this game, right?

Crazy as my food house dreams may seem, a man by the name of John Milkovisch made his "If I could have a house made out of anything it would be mad out of _____" vision a reality.

In the form of a beer can house.

After our educational, but slightly harrowing experience at the Menil, my friend Meredith and I decided to visit the more light-hearted Beer Can House near Memorial Park last weekend.

As we walked down the street lined with normal, non-beer-can-covered houses, we could hear the calming sound of tin cans rattling in the breeze, beckoning us home.

The house, enveloped in over 50,000 beer cans, is quite a sight to behold. Not only is the house covered in cans, the sidewalk throughout the front and back yards is covered in marbles. Also, there are different pieces of cheeky artwork created by Milkovisch stationed around the grounds.

$2 grants you admission to the grounds and inside the house, which is set up like a museum and tribute to this man's work. There is also a great short video you can watch, featuring interviews with John, his hilarious wife Mary, his son, and his grandson.

Mary's one contribution to the Beer Can House - A "Lemon" Tree
Art can come in many forms, and this man chose to exercise his creativity in a way that says, "Take it easy. Life is good. Laugh often. And drink more beer."

I can definitely appreciate that sentiment!

The Beer Can House is another great Houston landmark you can visit on the cheap, and I definitely recommend doing it. While the Menil expanded my mind by taking me to darker, more challenging places, the Beer Can House hit me over the head by saying "Stop stressing and taking life too seriously!" And I think we all need that reminder every now and then.

Amen, John. Amen.


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