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Friday, October 17, 2014
Is it just me, or is October whizzing by?!

Scratch that - Is it just me, or is 2014 whizzing by?!

(Is "whiz" even an acceptable term to use in a food blog, in any decade other than the nineties, by a non-teenage boy or Stephanie from Full House?)

So here we are in the thick of football season, and I have yet to find my NYC equivalent in sports bars here in Houston, and I'm missing buffalo wings like whoa (#vegetarianproblems, can I get an amen?).

But then Yard House appeared and forever changed my life.

The first time I went to YH to catch a game was with my boyfriend Jon. The idea of going to a huge chain restaurant/bar for game-watching isn't generally my jam, but we were driving back from Katy that particular day, incredibly hungry, had heard great things, and figured we'd give it a whiz (<~~nope). The inside is massive, and there are screens everywhere. Bingo.

And the food and drinks? GAH.

I still have romantic dreams at night about the shandies at Pondicheri, so when I saw the west coast shandy on their menu, I pounced on it. And side note: Their beer list is ridiculously extensive. Like, there's literally 78294635 beers you can choose from. But this shandy was top notch - Refreshing, sweet, slightly bitter from the grapefruit (which I generally don't even like), and light. Oh, and served in a GOBLET, hello.

Jon has been on a Moscow Mule kick ever since having one at Down the Street, so the second time we went to Yard House (along with his friend Adam) we got mules. And when I say "Jon has been on a Moscow Mule kick," I mean, he had a few mules one night, went out the next day and bought copper mugs, a huge thing of vodka, ginger beer, mint, etc., and proceeded to make them for me and my entire family. And now at every restaurant we go to, the first thing he asks the server is, "Do you guys have Moscow Mules?"

"No sir, we don't serve Moscow Mules at Luby's."

Yard House has an entire section of the menu dedicated to mules, and Jon almost had a heart attack when he saw it. I ordered the Hawaiian mule, with pineapple vodka in it. Like the shandy, it was light and refreshing, though I think I'd just stick with the standard mule next time.

This spinach cheese dip is stupid. Crispy on top, and extra ooey gooey inside, the dip is loaded with creamy goodness. It's rich and tangy, and pairs beautifully with the crispy flat bread served with it. An awesome, solid (liquid?) appetizer. So awesome we actually ordered it both times we went!

Oh, and remember my despair about the buffalo wings?

There is an entire massive vegetarian menu at Yard House that includes VEGETARIAN BUFFALO WINGS. Guys, you don't even understand the magnitude of this. And not only do they simply exist which is exciting in and of itself, they are awesome. Adam ordered regular boneless buffalo wings and compared the two, and said he could not taste the difference. Spicy, saucy, and - I'll say it - meaty, they beyond exceeded all of my expectations and fairytale dreams of what a soy buffalo wing has to offer.

Oh also, this:

Jon got this chicken pot pie that was bigger than both of our heads combined (see fork and cell phone for size comparison). He claims it was delicious.

Yard House is located in the gorgeous City Centre complex, and is definitely worth a visit. What it lacks in that homey "mom and pop" feel I so love in a dive-y pub, it makes up for tenfold with its wide variety of drinks, gajillion televisions, and phenomenal food. I am definitely a fan.

So whiz on over!

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