A Trip to the Suburbs: The Tasting Room in Kingwood

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Happy October!

I just got back from a lovely weekend in NYC for my friend LJ's wedding and was able to get a taste of my beloved northeast fall. But I hear Houston also had a beautiful fall weekend, and I can't stop eating pumpkin things, and smelling harvesty things, and my heart is so full right now, and I want to squeeze everyone.

My heart is also full because I went to The Tasting Room's Kingwood location recently with my friend Meredith, and she said she had an important question to ask me. To which I asked her if she was going to propose, she said yes, and we got married, the end.

Okay, she actually asked me to be the godmother of her perfect beautiful little nugget of a baby, Lincoln!

(My heart is also full because she was finally able to partake in post-pregnancy libations with me).

Oh, but this cheese.

We all know I never met a cheese I didn't like. And their cheese board was pretty darn awesome. It was just the right amount for two, and the slow dough baguette was a nice subtle vessel for the cheese. The accompanying figs, dried apricots, sugared walnuts, grapes, and jam were the perfect compliment. And each cheese was light and contrasted the other very nicely.

We also ordered the truffle parmesan fries, which were great but admittedly on par with any other truffle parmesan fry in town. They were salted, seasoned, and crisped perfectly. The aioli served with it was good, but I may have liked more it if it was a little less heavy/creamy. Overall we were very pleased, and no fry was left behind.


The "mini" grilled cheese sandwiches were   i  n  s  a  n  e  . A slow dough pretzel baguette envelopes a gooey rich layer of goat cheese and is topped off with a sweet/tart/salty tomato jam, and once again your heart is so full you just die of happiness. If I was forced to only ever eat one thing for the rest of my life, these no lie would be in the final running.

And also, how cute are they?

We finished everything off with a little chocolate sampler, and after all of the amazingness we'd just experienced, I'm bummed to say we were pretty underwhelmed with this one. Everything was so tooth-achingly rich I could barely take two bites.

But my heart was still full! Because I'd just been dubbed a godmother! And the view of the lake was absolutely breathtaking! And, wine!

The Tasting Room is a great chain of wine bars, and the Kingwood location on the lake is definitely worth a visit. Grab a friend, order a bottle of wine, split 1 or 5 plates of mini grilled cheese sandwiches...

...and fill up your big silly hearts.

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