Happy Hour at The Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen

Friday, October 24, 2014
I have a confession to make.

This was actually not my first visit to Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen.

I have another confession to make: This was actually not my second visit to Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen.

It was my third visit to Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen. 


I'm sorry for holding out on you, but it was for good reason I swear! My first visit was about a year ago with my friend Megan, but it was our first friend date, and I was nervous about taking pictures of my food in front of her (I know I've said it before, but dating is exhausting, right?). I didn't reveal my little hobby to her until our next date at Oporto (which is, fun fact, also owned by the Queen Vic people). The second time I ate at Queen Vic was on a first [actual] date, though it ended up being a first and last date, so lesson learned always take pictures of your food.

Seriously, who invented dating?

But in an inadvertent celebration of our 1-year friend-aversary, Megan and I ended up where it all began for happy hour and had a lovely time! As soon as we sat down, this assumedly inebriated woman came over to our table and exclaimed, "You are the two most beautiful girls I've ever seen!" I mean, Megan is exceptionally pretty, and I guess I washed my hair that day, so we obliged when she asked if she could take a picture eleven pictures of us.

Did I say I washed my hair? Sorry, I meant "brushed" my hair. Also, I should probably pay more attention to what's going on with the buttons on my shirt from here on out.


Queen Vic Pub is one of those wonderful Houston establishments that offers up one helluva happy hour. With amazing bar bites that range from $4-$7, it really is a steal.

While I've loved everything I've ever eaten at Queen Vic, the veggie samosas we ordered that night were pretty unremarkable, so I'm going to get that dish out of the way first. There were plenty of veggies inside, but there was nothing to adhere the filling together. Some cheese or a chutney probably would have helped execute them better. It simply tasted like cooked veggies wrapped in a wonton, with a side of marinara for good measure.

Again, this is the ONLY thing I've had there that I have not been a fan of.

So onto the good:

I almost don't want to say anything about the curried chips because I truly feel that words alone will never do this dish justice. One bite of these, and you'll be hearing George Harrison singing "Myyyy sweeeeeet Lorddddd" for the rest of your days. You know how I'm forever transfixed by the Bangkok fries at Boheme? Well, I think...(drumroll)...they've actually been dethroned.


Because these fries are absolutely out of this world! The curried chips at Queen Vic consist of house cut fries, tomato "mother curry", coconut milk, and peas, all topped with a gorgeous fried egg on top. The curry has some substantial heat and is so beautifully paired with the runny egg yolk, that all I could do was tell those magnificent fries Iiiii really wanna see youuuuu, I really wanna know youuuu...

Oh, and THIS little sucker.

After dying of happiness in a pile of curried chips, Megan and I feasted on the vada pav sliders - Vegetarian potato & mushroom cakes with cilantro chutney, tamarind, and goat cheese in a mini brioche bun. Again, Queen Vic hits it out of the park with this one. These sliders were absolutely STUNNING. The vegetarian cakes were light and complexly textured. The creamy, tart goat cheese and the tangy chutney brought out even more nuances and flavors of the dish. They didn't stand a chance with us two.

If Queen Vic Pub is not in your happy hour rotation, I suggest adding it to the list pronto. Their dishes are complex, exciting, and full of flavor, and the price is right. Also worth noting, our server that night was awesome. It's always a great time!


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