Vacation Days: NYC, Part 3

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Yes I go to NYC every now and then.

Okay, I go to NYC a lot. And by a lot I mean I was there 3 times in the past 6 months. But there's always been an exciting amazing reason for my every-other-month trips there, each one having to do with a wedding! In May I went up for my friend Mike's wedding, in July I was there for my friend LJ's bachelor party, and earlier this month I was there to attend LJ and Sean's beautiful wedding at the beautiful Renaissance Event Hall in Astoria. So here's an overview of my incredible weekend through photos!

Pre-flight martini (and in-flight drink coupon) because I said so.

Look, I'm not one to post pictures of strangers because I don't want to be invasive. BUT, how awesome is beer can hat guy standing in line at the Hobby airport Subway? I tip my [lame, non-beer can] hat to you sir!

My friend LJ loves Halloween so much, their entire apartment was decorated accordingly. AND he loves Halloween so much that the night before the wedding he, his other Best Lady Mary Ann, and I all had a sleepover and watched Hocus Pocus together.

Also this is RB, whose silly adorable monster face I want to smoosh all of the time.

Brunch at Brick Cafe in Astoria was unreal.

The rehearsal dinner was at this great BBQ restaurant/whiskey bar in Astoria called The Strand Smokehouse. SOOOO good!!

Best Ladies with the handsome groom.

LJ bought both of us these beautiful monogrammed bracelets. Also, how killer are Mary Ann's nails?

I managed to sneak in a yoga class the morning of the wedding and take a picture of my toes for you! You're welcome.

Some of LJ's friends graciously had us over at their gorgeous apartment to get ready before the wedding. And they also fed us amazing things and gave us bubbly drinks!

This is us after getting our hair and makeup done at Astoria Park taking pictures. The wind was blowing about 75 miles per hour. I probably should have doubled up on the Aqua Net.

So beautiful. I [obviously] ugly cried.

Dance with the moms.

And that's that! It was such an incredible weekend, and I am so happy LJ made me a part of his and Sean's special day. Those two are such a perfect match, and it was so exciting to see one of my best friends in the whole world get hitched!

So much love.

*All photos were taken with my iPhone 5


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