Lunching at Chatter's Cafe & Bistro

Saturday, August 24, 2013
I never met a cheese I didn't like.

I realize that's a very hefty statement, but up to this point in my life it is 100% true: I never met a cheese I didn't like.

I'm so confident in this statement that I'd be willing to make it my internet dating profile slogan, tattoo it on my arm (but please don't make me), have it on my epitaph, and swear it in a court of law.

Sure I prefer some cheeses over others - I'll take a Jarlsberg over a Gouda, or a Camembert over a goat. But given the option between having a less favorable cheese or no cheese? The answer is always cheese. No question.

My tried and true first love and nearest and dearest to my heart cheese, though, is brie. The cream, the wax, the melt-in-your mouth HEAVEN is just something I will never EVER be able to resist.

So when I went to Chatter's Cafe & Bistro in the Heights with my parents for lunch the other day, I couldn't NOT order the BLT & Brie Sandwich. It incorporated two of my great loves (Brie and - duh - bacon) and a new love of my life: APRICOT FLAVORED MAYO, ARE YOU SERIOUS. So you can understand why, as I tried to avert my eyes and explore other incredibly appealing options, such as the Mediterranean Salad, Smoked Turkey Ciabatta, or Buffalo Chicken Wrap, the BLT & Brie Sandwich kept calling me home.

BLT & Brie Sandwich, you gorgeous thing, you.
Fortunately for me, my mother is equally as crazy about my beloved brie, so she suggested she get another meal, and we go halvesies in order to experience more flavors. As a general rule, this happens more often than not with us. Love it. So she ordered the Mediterranean Quesadilla, which is filled with spinach, feta, mushroom, chopped tomato and hot peppers. MAH. GOODNESS.

Fun fact: My mother and are also equally crazy about John Cusack. Make of that what you will.

Needless to say the food did not disappoint.

The BLT & Brie Sandwich was - dare I say it? - PERFECT. I asked for it on ciabatta bread, which I think added the perfect outer crispiness to the inner gooey brie-ish-ness. The bacon was nice and crispy as well, and the apricot mayo (I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT'S EVEN A THING) was DI-VINE. I also got it with a side Greek salad, which hit the spot.

Mediterranean Quesadilla
The quesadilla was also insanely good. The only gripe I have with it was that it was a tad soggy, but not to the point of ruining the meal. The feta was awesome (duh, it's cheese), and the mushrooms were marinated in something that gave them a nice tangy pop. The quesadillas came with a Greek sauce of some sort on the side, that was creamy and pretty mild in flavor (some sort of Hummus maybe?), and it complemented them perfectly. This dish was definitely also an excellent choice.

I also nabbed one of my dad's fries, which gets a thumbs up from me!

I am so happy we stumbled onto this little gem of a spot. Not only did the food receive rave reviews all around from the Ogonosky clan, the interior of it is very clean, simple, and pretty. Perfect lunch spot.

And I defy you to show me a cheese or a John Cusack film I won't like. It's just not happening.


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