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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Things I'm afraid of: Snakes, dying alone, clowns, and wood scraping against my teeth.

I recently had a hankering for sushi during lunch, so I did a quick Yelp search of nearby sushi places. Eurasia Fusion Sushi looked promising with it's glowing reviews, convenient location, and ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM - Holy New York, I haven't seen that in a while!

Unfortunado for me, though, the online ordering system did not include lunch items. Further, I was not even able to view the lunch menu because it would not load on the site. Set back - but not deterred - (as there did not seem to be the possibility of reptiles, death, buffoons, or oak splintering against my canines, AGH!), I gave them a call and placed an order.

FYI, I like to take pictures inside restaurants to show you guys what they look like, but when I'm picking up a to-go
order - and even worse, when I'm doing it by myself - I feel like a total creep.

But it doesn't stop me.

I have to say, the inside of this place was not the typical sushi restaurant. Yes there was a sushi bar, as pictured above, but I feel like sushi restaurants generally either a) are pretty cleanly and simply decorated; b) feel like the inside of a spa; or c) feel like the inside of a club. Well shame on me for making generalizations, because this place was none of these. The only way I can think to describe Eurasia is that it felt like a really nice, pleasant, and classy (but not stuffy) restaurant. There was classical music playing overhead, the lights were dimmed, and all I wanted to do was sit back with a glass of wine (which I realize is pretty par for the course).

Pleased as punch, I brought home my $10 Two-Roll combo, which includes miso soup AND salad (Houston, you're the BEST!). I chose my standard Philadelphia Roll and Eel Avocado Roll. When I opened up my order at home I was floored at the sheer size of the rolls - Eight pieces each! The rolls I usually get are six pieces each. Maybe the actual size was no different, and there were just more cuts in the roll, but trickery be darned, I think it was more!

Even though I heard earlier that today's heat index was something like 178 degrees, I gladly dove into the miso soup because it had a phenomenal flavor. It was much saltier than what I'm used to, which I really liked (I may or may not have a tendency to dump soy sauce in my miso soup if it's lacking flavor...I mean, gross, who would do that...). However, the lack of "stuff" in it was disappointing - There was hardly any seaweed or tofu - Load it on up, Eurasia!

The salad was good, but not what I was expecting. I assumed it would be the standard greens with ginger dressing, but it actually came with what I believe was a honey mustard-esque dressing. And it was pretty tasty.

As I started into the rolls, Jason, who was watching me eat (That's weird? Really?), said to me "You're eating with fancy chopsticks," upon noticing me eating with the metal chopsticks from home. "Yes, I don't like eating with the chopsticks they give you because as you know I have a fear of wood scraping against my teeth."

The look on his face told me he didn't know.

Isn't it amazing that you can be with someone for years and not know their innermost fears, secrets, and phobias of eating sushi with wooden chopsticks or finishing off a Popsicle and coming into contact with the inevitable stick at the end????

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. It just totally skeeves me out man.

Back to the rolls.

The Eel Avocado Roll was pretty disappointing. It didn't have a whole lot of flavor, and I think it's because the rice-to-eel proportions seemed way out of whack. There was a whole lot of rice, and not nearly enough eel.

But the PHILADELPHIA ROLL, Oh. my. goodness. It was in all earnest one of the best Philadelphia Rolls I've ever had. My first couple of bites, all I could think was "Wow, this is fluffy." I couldn't figure it out. All I could deduce was that it must have been a supremely excellent cut of fish used in the roll. Then after further investigation, I realized that they put avocado in the roll. MINDBLOWN. I have never had a Philly Roll with avocado in it, and it was just sublime. I didn't think anything else could possibly make the delightful cream cheese/salmon combo better, but the addition of avocado definitely sent it out of orbit.

Other added bonus: They give you TONS of ginger on the side. I hate it when sushi places skimp on that.

Will I go back again? For sure, but I'll probably substitute out the Eel Avocado Roll with something else. And sit inside so I can feel fancy with my wine and classical music.

Hopefully they've got metal chopsticks.


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