A Celebration of 50 Years of Love at Perry's Steakhouse

Thursday, August 22, 2013
This is what 50 years of love looks like:

50 years of marriage is such a rare and incredible milestone that ought to be saluted with a fantastic celebration.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of such a celebration - The 50 year anniversary of my boyfriend Jason's grandparents. The festivities started with dinner at Perry's Steakhouse and Grille in Champions, followed by wedding cake and champagne at Jason's Aunt and Uncle's house.

And let me tell you, not only was dinner at Perry's AWESOME, it was the perfect way to ring in the occasion.

Jason's family reserved a private room there for the 18 of us, and it was the perfect intimate setting. We were seated in the round (well, square) around a table decorated with rose petals. We were also given pre fixe menus that were personalized for the occasion.

First off, the waitstaff was incredible. The server on our corner of the table was beyond friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and according to Jason's cousin, was a dead ringer for Chris from this season of The Bachelorette. We didn't have wine lists, so when he asked what I'd like to drink I said, "Do you have a peppery red wine?" (gross, what a snob). And he said, "Sure I'll bring you a great pinot noir we have." He came back and said, "Actually, I got you a red zinfandel that I'm sure is going to blow you away."

And blow me away it did, Chris.

Oh, I'm so sorry, you don't know who Chris from The Bachelorette is? ALLOW ME the pleasure:

Chris' initial claims to fame were that he took bachelorette Des up to a roof one night (exciting stuff), was a former minor league pitcher for the Cubs, and could spit out a mean poem. One that rhymes no less! But don't get too excited ladies because even though Des fell head-over-heels in love with Brooks (she told us like 2,543,029 times throughout the season), he broke up with her, and a week later she settled for professed her love to Chris.

I mean gross, who watches that crap anyway?

So enough about fake reality TV love, back to the real thing we were witnessing at Perry's.

They brought out family style appetizers for us of Fried Asparagus with Lump Crab Meat, Smoked Polish Sausage, and Cherry Pepper Calamari.

As I'm slightly over asparagus (what does that even mean.) and allergic to shellfish (WHYYYYYY), I only had the kielbasa (Say it right Perry's!) and calamari. Having grown up eating all the Polish things, I liked Perry's version, but I was not altogether blown away by it. It wasn't smoky or crispy enough for my taste. It did however have a bit of a sweetness to it that I did not expect, which I really liked. But the calamari may be in my top five calamari experiences ever (And no the time we dissected squid in 7th grade science class - and my teacher cooked calamari and gave it to us promptly after because she thought it would be funny - did not make the list). The calamari was so crispy and bursting with different flavors from all of the peppers it was topped with. It also had a little kick, which I was a total fan of. As a whole I liked the appetizers, but it was A LOT of food to contend with.

For my salad I got the Caesar, and it was a pretty standard Caesar. Nothing to write home about, but it did have (I think) pine nuts in it, which added a nice new textural level to it. But again, the salad was HUGE. I was only able to eat half of it, for fear of missing out on my entree.

As I am not a fan of re-writing menus, and most of the entrees were topped with EVIL CRABS, my options were pretty limited for my main course. I didn't mind though because the 14 oz Prime Ribeye "Grilled to perfection with herb-garlic butter" was calling my name.

The steak was pretty good, but the real stars of my dinner were the mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese (since I'm over asparagus in general, they're not worth the discussion). The potatoes were light, smooth, and fluffy, and the mac and cheese (made with penne noodles) was oozing with bursting flavors of different cheeses.

The other star of my dinner was not actually my dinner, but Jason's dinner.

Just look at that pork chop of glory. It actually had three different sections to it, and according to Chris (I really should stop making up names for people I don't know), it WEIGHED THREE AND A HALF POUNDS (!!!!!!). In all earnest, this "world famous" pork chop was THE singular best pork chop I've ever had. It was so juicy, and each different section brought about completely new flavors. It was not at all dry, as pork chops often can be, and it almost tasted like pork belly. WOW. No applesauce needed here folks! (though I think it might have come with it).

The ONLY critique I have about Perry's (because it really was wonderful) is that there really was an obscene amount of food. I don't mind taking home leftovers (which we definitely did), but it seemed to be almost *too* much. And don't get me wrong, I'm an eater - Jason marvels at the way I can put back a large bag of kettle chips in a matter of mere seconds. But the steak ended up being three meals for me, and the pork chops came out to FIVE meals. FIVE. And Perry's Steakhouse is not a plate-sharing kind of establishment from what I gathered. I guess this is Texas, and portions are bigger - especially in a steakhouse - but a 7 ounce steak or a, I don't know, 1.75 pound pork chop would still have been plenty of food. If that's the only critique I've got, I'd say we're doing a-okay though!

Regardless, Perry's did a wonderful job of delivering exceptional service, beyond delicious food, and a perfect environment to celebrate such a special occasion.

And, even though there was a ton of food we OF COURSE made room for the delicious wedding cake afterwards.

So please join me in wishing Jason's wonderful "Mama" and "Papa" a Happy 50th Anniversary!


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