National Chicken Wing Day: Wings N Things

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
I was alerted on Monday by Hank On Food that it was National Chicken Wing Day.

As if I'd needed an excuse.

Aside from Domino's and frozen 'Anytizers (just buy some now from the grocery store, and don't ask any questions), I hadn't had any buffalo wings since my move back to Houston. So to celebrate this IMPORTANT holiday, I got takeout from Wings N Things off of 290 and 34th Street. I ordered a small army of buffalo wings in three different flavors - Original Spice Medium, Spicy BBQ, and Gold Fever with garlic spice. I also got French fries (duh), celery, and dressing.

After having creepily lurked around the restaurant, taking pictures, and scoping the place out, I was pretty stoked about my order. It was a little hole-in-the wall establishment, with lots of character, that seemed to hold the promise of a brighter tomorrow in the form of chicken wings and beer.

But to be perfectly honest, I wasn't crazy about my first helping. The wings seemed dry, and the fries were soggy and plain.

My second helping was a different story. The wings I took were from the bottom of the pile this time, so they had lots of sauce on them, and they were very enjoyable. Overall, the Original Spice Medium and Gold Fever with garlic spice were good, but the Spicy BBQ were AWESOME. While having a sweet barbecue-y taste, they also packed a nice punch. Simply delicious.

My third serving (if you can even call it that), consisted of me taking fries and using them to lap up the rest of the leftover buffalo sauce in the Styrofoam containers. And they were GOOD.

I clearly checked my pride at the door a long time ago.

Overall review of Wings N Things? Pretty good. Would I go back again? Yes, but I'd probably want to dine inside. I really dug the dive-y atmosphere, and they have great dine-in specials. But if ordering takeout again, would I rather just get Wing Stop? Guilty as charged. (I mean seriously, what DOES Wing Stop put on their fries?!?! UGHSOGOOD).

September 9th is National Weinerschnitzel Day. GET READY.


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