Cafe Brasil

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Things I love: Kettle chips. Summertime. Cold beer on a hot day. Disney World. Wine. The beach. Sundresses. Duck salad with goat cheese, blackberries, red onions, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

Okay, I didn't know about the last one until I met my mother for lunch at Cafe Brasil.

Tucked away on a corner in Montrose, and without any signage out front, lives Cafe Brasil. Parking is next-to-nonexistent (sorry to the house that I parked in front of…), but I'm telling you it's WORTH IT. Go. Right now. You will never have another regret in your life as long as you live, it's that good.

The inside of the restaurant is very nice, but the true magic of this place is the covered patio in the back. It's a real oasis, with trees, beautiful popping bricks, and fans to keep you cool during Houston's hotter days. 

Cafe Brasil is a counter service restaurant, which is fantastic in my book. And they have wine. Doubly fantastic. While ordering at the counter, my conversation with my mother went something like this:

Mom: What would you like to drink?
Me: I'll have an iced tea.
Mom: Oh. (pause) You don't want to have a glass of wine with me? It's always been my dream to have one of my daughters live near me, meet me for lunch, and have a glass of wine with me…

Now I may be many things, but I'm no dream-killer, so I happily obliged.

As previously mentioned, I decided to go with their duck salad for my meal, and believe me when I say it was incredible. The salty of the duck, mixed with the sweet of the blackberries and crunch of the onions, all coming together with the light creaminess of the goat cheese? HEAVEN.

The whole experience was divine. I can confidently say that Cafe Brasil can easily compete with the quaint NYC cafes lining the streets of SoHo.* 

And it was also on the relatively inexpensive side - My amazing salad came out to $12. Open for breakfast and lunch throughout the week, Cafe Brasil is definitely worth checking out a time or two. Or four. Or seventeen.

*When are New Yorkers going to finally learn that Houston Street is pronounced "Hyoo-ston" and not "House-ton"? #TheMoreYouKnow


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