Happy Bird Day

Monday, July 22, 2013
For some (obvious) reason, birthdays always make me think of this:

Oh, just look at you John Krasinski, with your dreamy smile and floppy locks. How are you even real? You're not. You're not. real.

SO. Today is my 28th birthday. The last year of my mid-twenties. Mid-twenties, you say? How is that possible? I'll tell you how. In fact, I'll give you a detailed bulleted* list to explain. You're welcome:
  • Early 20s: 20-24 years old
  • Mid 20s: 25-28 years old
  • Late 20s: 29-32 years old
  • 30: 33 years old
See? It's really very simple.

For the last year of my mid-twenties, I've compiled a list of places to check out in Houston/things to write about in this here blog. They are - in no particular order - as follows:

  1. Best Pizza
  2. Best Burger
  3. Best Barbecue
  4. Best Margarita
  5. Best Mexican
  6. Local Pour
  7. Hot Bagels
  8. Tony’s
  9. Beavers
  10. Underbelly - Going here tonight!!!!!!
  11. Ruggles Green 
  12. Lupe Tortilla
  13. Glass Wall
  14. Bernie’s Burger Bus
  15. Tandoory Taco (as recommended by H-Town Chowdown)
  16. Houston Marathon
  17. Memorial Park
  18. Night Walking Tour at Memorial Park Arboretum
  19. Top Golf
  20. Houston Zoo
  21. The Menil Collection
  22. Museum of Fine Arts Houston
  23. Museum of Natural Science

I'd love any recommendations, especially of places that you think might fall under my "Best" categories. The Comments feature on my blog has now been updated so that anyone can leave comments without registering for Blogger. I just had to change my settings. Welcome to technology, Kim!

I don't want to get too introspective here about my birthday. If anything I just want to say thanks to my mom for getting preggo, carrying me around for nine months, and having me. I hear the whole popping a baby out thing is not an easy process. In one of my absolute favorite books, My Most Excellent Year (Just read it. You'll thank me later.), T.C. says mothers should be the ones getting cakes on their children's birthdays. I completely agree. And Dads. I know mine sure has done a lot for the sis and me.

To Alex Trebek, Selena Gomez, and now the Royal Baby: Happy Bird Day to you all as well!

*Spell check has informed me that "bulleted" is not a word. But it's my party, and I can invent words if I want to.


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