My Vegetarian Whole30: Week 3 Recap

Monday, September 21, 2015
I stopped being a mopey monster last week.

^  I did not consume one single crumb of those tortilla chips. That's a first.
Seriously. My demeanor and overall mood between weeks two and three could not have been more different, THANK GOD. I don't know how much more I could have mentally taken if that down-in-the-dumps nonsense had continued any longer. I'd have been all, "It's been real, Whole30. Time to eat this chocolate chip rice krispie treat now!" *

*Despite the lessening of cravings I'm having in real life, I continue to have food dreams about wine and potato chips (like you'd expect), as well as incredibly odd things I'm not sure even exist. Like chocolate chip rice krispie treats. Don't worry, I'm keeping a list of all the things I've been dreaming about, and of course I will share said list with all of you at the end. Because this is what true love means.

So yes, I felt really good last week! I wouldn't say I reached Tiger Blood levels, per se, but I felt great. I truly don't have too many issues anymore in social situations, so I went out more with friends and family, which I'm sure also contributed to my lifted spirits. Also, it sure didn't hurt that I hit the Whole30 halfway mark!

So onto the stats - Here's what my week looked like in terms of food/exercise:

M1: paleo oatmeal w/pumpkin + side of sauteed zucchini & fried egg

M2: broccoli salad w/creamy avocado dressing + carrots

M3: sweet potato egg boat w/avocado + side of sauteed asparagus + plum

Snack: larabar

Workout: arms/abs-PM
M1: paleo oatmeal w/pumpkin + side of sauteed zucchini & fried egg

M2: broccoli salad w/creamy avocado dressing + a hard boiled egg

M3: zoodles w/pesto + roasted eggplant & yellow squash & avocado

Snack: cashews

Workout: cardio-PM (30 min)
M1: paleo oatmeal w/pumpkin + side of sauteed zucchini & fried egg

M2: broccoli salad w/creamy avocado dressing + a hard boiled egg

M3: paleo veggie burger, avocado, roasted eggplant & yellow squash, asparagus

Snack: larabar + blueberries

Workout: OFF

M1: paleo oatmeal w/pumpkin + side of sauteed zucchini & fried egg

M2: broccoli salad w/creamy avocado dressing + a hard boiled egg

M3: zoodles w/roasted garlic cauliflower sauce + roasted eggplant & yellow squash + fruit

Snack: cashews

Workout: legs/cardio-AM
M1: paleo oatmeal + side of sauteed zucchini & fried egg

M2: avocado, blueberry, almond salad w/oil & vinegar + a hard boiled egg

M3: paleo veggie burger, avocado, sweet potato fries, zucchini

Snack: cashews, larabar

Workout: OFF
M1: 2 eggs over sweet potato/onion/ spinach hash + avocado

M2: El Tiempo

M3: sweet potato with ghee, fried egg, side salad w/oil & vinegar

Workout: OFF
M1: 3 eggs over sweet potato/onion/ spinach hash + a banana

M2: sweet potato egg boat w/avocado & ghee + grapes

M3: veggie tacos

Snack: banana "frappucino," larabar

Workout: OFF

On day 17 I joined Jon and his coworkers for Happy Hour at Local Pour, and on day 18 we played kickball with our friends, which generally involves alcohol and merriment (fortunately, the merriment was still accessible to me). I had a double social outing day on Saturday (day 19) - My sister Emily was in town for the weekend, so the family went to lunch at El Tiempo (my AWESOME meal was vegetables grilled with olive oil, plus a side of guacamole and limes), and Jon and I took Em to an Astros game that night. I planned to have a salad at the Minute Maid Park restaurant Green Fork, but they only had pre-made dressings (no oil and vinegar), so I waited until I got home to throw a quick dinner together.

 ^ L to R: me being sad about not eating spinach dip at Local Pour (while being photobombed by Jon's coworkers), me being sad about no beer at kickball (while standing next to our coach Jake, who makes me look like a yard gnome), and me being sad about not getting to drink a margarita at El Tiempo (even though I don't really like margaritas). Just kidding, I wasn't really sad. I did my undergrad in theatre, so I know how to "act".

So lots of social things where delicious (read: non-compliant) foods and boozy drinks abounded. And I was okay! Actually, I was more than okay. Which was awesome. (Though wine would have been nice of course).

My breakfast last week was a paleo oatmeal, which I adapted by adding some pumpkin, and leaving out the vanilla. It was a nice change from all of the egg-centric breakfasts I'd been having previously, and I really did enjoy it. I also made a wonderful broccoli salad for lunch, which hit it out of the park, as well as a simple spinach salad with blueberries and other goodies. For dinner I basically had leftovers that I'd frozen from previous weeks. I also started up a new round of my paleo veggie burgers. Additionally, I had read online that several flavors of Larabars are Whole30-compliant, so I went out and bought a box....

...of the world's tiniest fruit and nut bars. Maybe you can't really tell in the packaging, but these things are like bars for ants! They certainly were delightful little treats, but I could easily house three in one sitting. I DO like them, even though I find them highly comical. They are handy to have around for social situations (like at a Local Pour Happy Hour), as well as for nights when Jon and I watch a movie, and he decides to heat up a giant bag of wonderful-smelling popcorn.

Confession time: I had a freakout during the beginning of the week. We're not supposed to weigh ourselves (which is still driving me nuts), or measure ourselves during the 30 days, but I've been sort of cheating by taking a selfie (ew, I know) on the first day of each week to see a comparison. Well on day 7 I was so excited by the big changes I saw from day 1. But on day 14 it looked like nothing had changed from day 7. It almost even looked like day 7 was better? Writing this down and reading it back to myself makes me realize just how insane I sound.

What I need to focus on is that there has been an improvement, and more importantly this is about my health and how I feel. I do not have the strength to put myself through all of this for purely vain reasons. Because of my minor freakout though, I decided I was eating too much. So I COUNTED MY CALORIES (a big no-no in the Whole30 world) and found I was eating over 2,000 calories a day, which freaked me out even more, so I went ballistic on my meal plan, slashing avocadoes and eggs left and right. When I woke up from my non-drug-induced haze, hair frazzled, and face completely covered in red sharpie marks, I realized I needed to chill the bleep out, pull myself together, and trust this process I agreed to trust. The eggs and avocados would live to see another day!

Speaking of my face, my skin was better this week! Not glowing or anything, but more back to normal. 

Also, I've debated whether or not to bring this up with you all, but #honesty, so here goes. Several days a week, my stomach does something crazy mid-morning, and I have to run-not-walk to the bathroom. I AM SO GROSSED OUT RIGHT NOW. I thought this would have stopped happening by week three, but I guess my body is still, um, getting rid of stuff? OMG, I'm stopping. I've stopped. You just needed to know.

Now some life stuff. I mentioned before that in the beginning I thought I would have more time on my hands, but the reverse has been true. I feel like I am constantly prepping, cooking, doing dishes, and working out. Therefore, on Wednesday after work when I was on my way to yoga, I thought about how supportive Jon has been through all of this, and how we really haven't spent much time together, so I turned my car around and headed to the Happy Hour he was at with his coworkers. I do need more yoga in my life, yes. But I also need to make sure I'm spending quality (and fun!) time with the people I love. And we had a great time!

As far as workouts go, I have an irritated right hip flexor that only got worse by the end of the week. So I'm taking some time off from exercise (hopefully no more than a week, but whatever it takes). This is going to be difficult for me to do during the final week and a half of the program, but I don't feel like getting a full blown injury just because I was being a little stubborn.

I've also been working on some personal development as of late. Inspired by the blog Boho Berry, I started a bullet journal, which is basically a narcotic for any Type A person out there. It's super helpful and fun, and I've started using it to work on short- and long-term goals! For example, every day I have a task in there to do a 5 minute morning meditation and a 5 minute evening meditation. When it's done, I cross it off the list! (I plan to increase my meditation time, but baby steps people). I also add pages dedicated to life goals and personal reflection, such as the "Yes" circle, an awesome activity we did during the 40 Days of Yoga program at Big Power Yoga.

^ You like how my first meal at Coltivare is already scheduled?

Whereas variety was the theme of last week, this week my focus will be on simplicity. While Sunday prepping was in order, I want to be able to throw my meals together this week with minimal effort. So I have a plan in place for that. The end is in sight, folks! This week is my last full week of the vegetarian Whole30 program, I seriously can't believe it. It's been challenging at times, but all in all, I feel great!

Nine days til wine! 


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