A Trip to the Suburbs: Sprouts Farmers Market, Pearland + A Giveaway!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Let's go grocery shopping!

Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating. Eating, cooking, and grocery shopping.

These three activities = my September. #Whole30Problems.

BUT, all of this grocery shopping means I have more opportunities to try new places out, including the Sprouts Farmers Market in Pearland, which is ACTUALLY new in that it had it's grand opening last week!

And while it wouldn't make sense for me to drive out to Pearland from my Heights apartment for my regular grocery runs, it certainly was a nice change of pace. And I had such a great experience there that I think I'll start frequenting the Sprouts located in the Heights!

The open concept grocery store with many off-the-beaten-path brands (it's essentially the Indie rocker of the grocery store world, as Trader Joe's is now basically too mainstream (jk lol I still love you TJ's)) was a nice departure from all of the mass market, closed-aisled, behemoth grocery stores Houston is loaded with.

And I definitely did sense a Trader Joe's feel to Sprouts. I've been missing TJ's ever since I moved from my apartment that was literally behind the Upper Kirby store. So I think Sprouts will definitely fill that void!

The quality of the produce is great, and the prices are awesome too ($1 PINEAPPLES!!!). As my grocery cart was 90% produce, and after having had a Whole Foods heart attack last week, this was a refreshing discovery. My total bill was about 1/3 the price it was the week prior, I am not even close to kidding.

Furthermore, they have serve-yourself bins of bulk foods: nuts, dried fruits, and other snacks - a definite plus.

Let's shop around for some produce, shall we?

Again, I can't tell you how pleased I was with their produce. For most items I had the option of buying organic (which I did, with dirty dozen items), or I could choose not to if I wanted to be more budget-conscious.

Choices, people. Because this is America.

Now let's stare longingly at all of the things I cannot eat/drink right now during my vegetarian Whole30.

Chips, wine, and cheese, we will always have Paris/Pearland. *sigh*

Awesome selection right? Liking what you see? 
Well you are in luck! The generous folks at Sprouts have agreed to give one lucky Adventures in a New(ish) City reader one (1) $25.00 gift card to Sprouts Farmers Market, good at any location!

To enter, go to the giveaway box below, and login with your name and email address (this will not be posted publicly). Once logged in, click the "Enter Contest" dropdown, and then the "Enter!" button. One entry is allowed per person.

***Bonus: You'll receive an additional entry if you answer this question in the comments section below on this blog post (but you MUST have completed the giveaway box to receive the bonus entry): What three items are always without fail in your refrigerator?

(The three items that are always without fail in my refrigerator when I'm not doing the Whole30 program are wine, cheese, and zucchini.)

(The three items that are always without fail in my refrigerator when I am doing the Whole 30 program are all of the vegetables.)

The giveaway will run until 5:00 pm CST on Sunday August 13, and the winner (selected at random) will be announced next week!

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Good luck!

This post was done in Partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market, but all opinions are completely 100% my own!


  1. Three items you can always find in my refrigerator are: Ranch dressing (because seriously, I'll put it on anything), leftovers from my last night out (that I'll most likely never eat. My fridge is basically a wasteland for leftovers), and milk (always milk, always).

    1. LEFTOVERS, amen to that! And seriously, why is ranch dressing SO GOOD? Every time I try to use more "adult" dressings like fancy vinaigrettes or infused mixes of some sort, I'm always like, "Nope. Ranch still reigns supreme."

  2. Spinach, almond milk and cheese(s) can always be found in my fridge! I seriously love cheese... Probably too much :)

    1. I firmly believe that "too much" does not exist when it comes to loving cheese. ;)

  3. Eggs are a must!!! Cheese and some kind of salsa (: I live next to a Michoacana, so I always try to have fresh salsa on hand.

    1. Oh, eggs are also a permanent staple in my fridge! And great tip-I definitely feel like my life will become instantly better if I start having fresh salsa on hand as well.

  4. "Always" is hard as we are those people who let the fridge get down to NOTHING but a box of baking soda and condiments. That said, there's always a plethora of half-used salad dressings heading toward expiration, Coke Zero because I just need the bubbles, and a bottle of Peter Luger sauce mailed to me from the northeast because I love it.

    1. Condiments are the encroaching weed of my fridge, I swear they multiply by the dozens! And Peter Luger sauce is certainly an awesome choice. :)


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