Dining out Whole30: Corner Table

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Y'all, I had an amazing experience dining out last week.

Maybe it's because I'm seeing the world through Whole30-colored glasses at the moment, and anything that isn't an egg, wrapped in an avocado, wrapped in a sweet potato is exciting to me (though who am I kidding, an egg, wrapped in an avocado, wrapped in a sweet potato will ALWAYS be exciting to me).

Or maybe it's because the company I was surrounded by (Jon and our good friends Dan and Heather) was nothing short of awesome.

But putting those two factors aside, I do genuinely think the dinner experience I had last week at Corner Table was stellar.

I had been to 1919 Wine & Mixology - the eclectic and beautiful bar located at Corner Table - for a Houston Food Blogger Collective event once, but never to Corner Table for dinner. So I was excited to finally try it!

To start, I ordered us the beet root hummus (no beans! Whole30 approved!) with a side of vegetables to dip in it.

I'll shoot straight with you here - This was my least favorite thing of the night. But admittedly, it's probably my fault. I think the brightly flavored, sweet, acidic hummus really needed to be on the paleo flatbread it came with. Once again I altered something that shouldn't have been altered. The flavor combination with the ripe, fresh vegetables was way too much, and I think a neutral, spongy, grainy base is much better suited for this type of hummus. Don't get me wrong, I still ate a ton of it, so it certainly wasn't bad! But it should be paired with the flatbread as God intended.

Next up, I ordered the curry cauliflower soup.

This puree of cauliflower, leeks and garlic, drizzled with coconut milk and cilantro was great. It was super smooth and creamy, and the flavors were nutty and earthy with a little kick! I was basically licking the bowl by the end, I enjoyed it so much.

For my entree I ordered the vegetable lasagna...

... in the cutest little red vessel there ever was!

Besides the dish being absolutely adorable, it was absolutely outstanding as well. The lasagna "noodles" are actually thin slices of butternut squash, which are then layered with zucchini, spinach, portobello mushrooms, and cashew ricotta. The flavors were full, rich, nuanced, and satisfying. This healthy little dish surprisingly provided a blanket of warm, enveloping comfort. I did not miss real pasta noodles or real cheese (CAN YOU BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT) for a second! I would go back there just to order this again, Whole30 or not.

The lasagna also came with a little side salad drizzled with olive oil and vinegar, which was nothing remarkable, but it didn't have to be, while sitting next to the fantastic lasagna.

Then my friends ordered dessert. And I stared at their dessert for a very long time. Because it looked so good.

s o .

g  o  o  d  .

In addition to the chocolate cake above, Jon ordered the cheesecake, which was topped with POPCORN.

Sorry for the out of focus picture. My body was shaking too hard from all the sobbing I was doing at the time.

Just kidding everyone. I ordered a decaf coffee with coconut milk, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! All I had to do was keep telling myself I was really drinking chocolate cake and popcorn and potato chips, and I was totally fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a lovely experience at Corner Table. The staff was informed and efficient, and the food was not only healthy, but delicious fare that made me feel as if I was indulging myself. This paleo-centric spot is definitely not one to be missed!

Save me a seat by the popcorn.

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  1. That seriously sounds amazing! The lasagna reminds me of an eggplant lasagna I had in Epcot during the food and wine festival last year. So GOOD!!

    1. The lasagna really was incredible! And the Epcot Food and Wine Festival is EVERYTHING. The food at the Poland stand absolutely made my life. <3

  2. Yass I had that lasagna when I went!! It WAS so good! I also remember really liking the beet hummus (I didn't realize it was bean-free!) but I feel like you're onto something about it needing that heavenly pita ;) We also got the kettle corn cheesecake and if it makes you feel any better, it was freaking delicious but I have horrible memories of it and would never order it again because the trinity of sour cream/cream cheese/heavy cream that they use made me break out in intense skin rashes hah :/

    PS. YOU'RE MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE!!!! So happy you had a good dining out experience!!

    1. I'm on the downhill slope now! Wine is so close I can almost taste it. ;)

      So glad you also had a great experience with the lasagna! It's good to know the reason I loved it so much wasn't just because of my current situation. And I'm sorry that you got sick/rashy from the dairy in the cheesecake. Thank goodness you're such a pro at coming up with your own amazing non-dairy desserts!


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