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Friday, April 17, 2015
I'm guilty of accusing Houston of not having the best brunch game.


If I start experiencing more brunches like my recent visit to Weights + Measures, I'm going to be quite literally eating (and umm, drinking) my words.

Last Sunday, Jon and I had brunch there with our friends Dan and Heather. There's been so much buzz surrounding Weights + Measures lately, so I was excited to try it out.

When you first enter the massive modern space shared with the Houston MET rehearsal studios, you are slapped in the face with the most amazing smelling slow dough bake shop you've ever encountered. I did not buy any of the fresh bread or pastries, but darn it if I didn't want to instantly dive bomb into 7 different wonderfully aromatic baguettes.

Since they don't take reservations, we arrived 30 minutes before our intended brunching time, anticipating a wait. While we waited on our table (for about 30 minutes, NAILED IT), we sidled up to the bar and ordered some of the prettiest drinks I've ever seen.

The men were feeling mojitos that day, while I had a super fresh and unique bellini (bottom left), and Heather had a mimosa (top right). All of the drinks were so unbelievably f r e s h . Making them took a little while, but the friendly bartender concocted these freshly muddled drinks with such care and effort, we were more mesmerized than anything.

Weights + Measures' brunch drink game is strong.

After we had been seated, and after we had finished our first round, I decided I'd had enough liquid sweetness. I then ordered what turned out to be one of the top 5 best bloody marys I've ever had. Again, it was so fresh I was convinced that they had walked out into a hidden garden somewhere 10 minutes prior, plucked a few tomatoes off of a vine, processed them on the spot, and stirred in some freshly brewed (brewed? distilled? do I even have a food blog?) vodka and spices. It was spicy, textured, layered, and lovely.

And the garnishes came on golf tees! On the same day that Jordan Spieth won the Master's!

Coincidence? I think not.

Okay check out this beauty that was my meal:

The avocado toast with fried eggs and green harissa (sans bacon, don't hate me) on ciabatta was even more amazing than you could possibly imagine. The perfectly runny eggs paired with the zippy, kicky harissa knocked me sideways. The freshly (seriously how many times is this girl going to say a variation of the word "fresh" during this post?) toasted ciabatta provided a stable base for the magic happening on top. Oh, and slap some velvety avocado on there, SURE  Weights + Measures, I LOVE YOU.

Ugh, for real the best.

It came with some potatoes which were fine, but nothing extraordinary (unlike the main event). BUT, I did order a side of sauteed spinach, and that was extraordinary. The spinach had a very nice seasoning, and it was not overly-wilted, as sauteed spinach often can be.

Heather ordered the peanut butter sandwich, which consisted of  peanut butter, nutella, bananas, bacon, fried eggs, and brioche toast. She was spinning out of orbit over it. I tried a piece (sans bacon, please don't hate me), and it was dessert -- Fantastic, lovely, interesting, complex, brunch-y dessert at its best.

Dan ordered the cake donuts with fried chicken, topped with hazelnut vanilla syrup, and he absolutely loved it. I tried a piece (sans fried chicken, okay you can hate me), and the donut was crumbly, fresh, decadent, and hearty.

Jon ordered the hardwood smoked bacon sandwich on salinger rye, which was topped with fried eggs, redneck cheddar, and harissa ketchup. He liked it, but wasn't overly impressed with it. But he also ordered the pepperoni pizza, which he definitely enjoyed more. I tried a piece (sans pepperoni, I KNOW), and the gooey mozzarella and super stale (Ha, GOTCHA) fresshhhh basil were dizzyingly good. The crust however was a tad soggy under all of that magic.

I LOVED brunch at Weights + Measures. Loved it. Houston really needs to take a page out of their book and spread the brunch love around. Then I will definitely put my foot in my mouth for the mean thing I said about Houston's brunch game. So if you love all things brunch, get to W+M ASAP. The drinks are works of art, the food is outstanding, the environment is vibrant and fun, and everything is just so. darn. FRESH.

Eleven. Eleven times.

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