Lights in the Heights

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
I love Christmas.

Everything about it - The food, the family, the not-at-all-annoying incessant loop of carols, the decorations, the parties, the gifts, the movies...I even temporarily love the cold weather (well, when it's actually cold, that is). The list could go on!

I also love the lights. Last weekend my friends Lenny and Christy threw a Christmas/housewarming party at their new beautiful home in the Heights. After an hour or so of eating, drinking, and merriment, the party attendees ventured out into the streets to attend the annual event Lights in the Heights. Armed with wassail and a few super fun ladies (Megan and Kay I'm looking at you), we were ready!

Now. I will say, the thought of large crowds jam-packed into one area makes me itch, so I was unsure as to how this would all pan out. And although there were a lot of people there, you could definitely move, and it never seemed too overwhelming.

And there was so much to see!

There were live bands on the porches of private parties!

Santa Clauses that you could visit!

Rolling beer kegs!

And of course, beautiful lights!

A giant yuletide party in the streets of Houston's beautiful Heights neighborhood? Sold. I might have to make this an annual tradition.

And I might have to figure out a way to get invited to the owl party...


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