Happy Hour at Mr. Peeples

Monday, December 16, 2013
You know I love a good Happy Hour.

I mean, who doesn't?

But more than just loving a good Happy Hour, I scope out fancy restaurants I normally wouldn't be able to splurge on during a regular night out that offer amazingly affordable food and drink happy hours.

I've been hearing about Mr. Peeples for the past few months since before it opened. The loud and, well, PURPLE interior sent tongues a-wagging throughout the city. A high dollar steakhouse that looks more like a dance club (yes, I just said "dance club"), than a Ruth's Chris?!?! The NERVE!

While the interior of the place is definitely different, I dug it. My friend Meredith and I went there for dinner (Happy Hour) last Friday, and everything was great. Definitely a place to see and be seen, the bar area was packed with young professionals dressed to the nines.

"Dressed to the nines"? "Dance club"? 1942 called....

Did I mention the graffiti?

Mr. Peeples is chock full of vibrant artwork at every turn. But while the interior gives off a fun, edgy vibe, the food was sheer transcendent elegance.

We started off with the Pork Belly.

On its own, pork belly is one of my new favorite things in the world (seriously, did pork belly exist before 2013? I sincerely doubt it). But Mr. Peeples gave it a whole new complex twist with peanuts and sriracha. Man, was it phenomenal.

After that we shared the Lobster and Crab Tostada.

This dish was funky and great, but it was not nearly as awesome as the other three dishes. It definitely offered a lighter pause before the much heartier appetizers we had after it.

Next up were the Mushroom Crepes. Our server thought Meredith (who was talking a little funny due to a cold) said "Crab Cakes." - So she brought the crab cakes out. On any other day, I would have loved a crab cake, but those crepes were really calling to me. So our friendly, bubbly server apologized (while Meredith apologized for her current speaking issues) and brought out the crepes for us.

AND THEY WERE THE GREATEST THINGS EVER. I mean, deliriously good. Creamy, smooth, and packed with flavor. WOW.

The final dish we had was the Butternut Squash Ravioli.

A TIE FOR THE GREATEST THINGS EVER. Rich, decadent...It's not even noon, and I'm drooling just thinking about them. The sweetness of the butternut squash filling versus the savory of the sauce, LORDY.

Oh, and did I mention the drinks?

This "Apple Pie" cocktail was delicious and dangerous. Meredith and I saw "The Nutcracker" at the Wortham after dinner that night, and I was fearful I was going to be That Drunk Girl at the ballet because of this potent drink. Fortunately for me, I was not That Drunk Girl. In fact, That Drunk Girl was sitting right next to me, making me look like a saint. (That Drunk Girl, loudly during the show: "The Nutcracker is dancing AGAIN?!" Listen, Drunk Girl, we may all be thinking it, but...)

Mr. Peeples is a super trendy, fun place with outrageously good food - perfect for a downtown pre-show Happy Hour. I couldn't recommend it enough, and I can't wait to go back!

Purple is the new black.


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