Lunchin' at Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
In New York one of my favorite restaurants was Boat Basin on West 79th and the Hudson. The food was nothing special, but Good God, that view on the water was really something (especially on the first warm day of the year, after having been holed up all winter in your long johns with your mac and cheese and non-sunlight-adjusted eyeballs). I didn't even care that we ate with plastic utensils, it was slightly overpriced, and that the wait would likely always be 3 hours! I didn't care! Because the environment was so awesome it was one of my favorite NYC restaurants, and I always had a great time there.

Last weekend I met up with my mom for lunch at Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar on what might be the cutest corner of Montrose to ever have existed.

Seriously, so stinkin' adorable.

And much like Boat Basin, we ate with plastic utensils. Also, like Boat Basin the ambiance was really somethin'. Inside, the restaurant was filled with mismatched couches and quirky paintings. Outside, the patio was just perfect - filled with gorgeous plants, pretty vases, and brightly colored walls.

Unlike Boat Basin, the food was PHENOMENAL.

I'm sorry, what's that thing hanging up there by the window? Could it possibly be...?

That's right, a wine bottle chandelier, complete with large, bright Christmas bulbs. If you could sum me up in a light fixture, this would be the one.

Oh and did I mention the music? Schmoozy romantic Italian songs. It didn't really fit, yet somehow it fit perfectly. I dug it.

To start, my mom and I shared the Bangkok Fries that everybody has been raving about.

These fries are UNBELIEVABLE. Seriously outrageous. They are topped with minced pork, crispy fried onions, sriracha sauce, YELLOW CURRY MAYO (I know.), crushed sesame sticks, and cilantro. It is a complete explosion of ridiculously awesome flavors in your mouth.

Just be prepared, because even though the menu says they're a "Snack," what it really means is that they could feed six grown adults and be their entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day (maybe even week?).

But of course this isn't all we ordered.

Because in addition to the Bangkok fries, Boheme is known for its delicious thin crust pizzas.

And because truffle is my Achilles heel (along with prosciutto and really any cheese), we ordered the Truffle Mushroom pizza to share.

Have you ever seen a mushroom so beautiful? The answer is no. No you haven't.

Loaded with oyster mushrooms, mozzarella, and truffle-y goodness, this pizza was exquisite. The absolute painful deliciousness of the pizza matched its beautiful exterior, and it was truly a delightful indulgence.

Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar is a quirky, whimsical restaurant with beyond scrumptious food, and I couldn't recommend it more.

Just be warned: Once you try yellow curry mayo you can never go back.


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