Lovely Lunch at Benjy's

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Do any of you watch Revenge? I just got into it and have been blitzing through it on Netflix. I LOVE IT. I'm midway through season two so I'm almost all caught up. Emily Thorne is such a maniacal  rockstar, and I'm sorry, but I want her to be with Nolan in the end (I know, I KNOW, never going to happen), not wet blanket Jack.

But enough about my obsession.

Oh, BUT. Did you SEE the finale of Breaking Bad? Mindblown.

And how disappointing was the season premier for Homeland??? If I don't catch a glimpse of Brody soon, I'm going to FLIP. A. TABLE.

Fall television, I welcome you with open arms!!!

So back REALITY.

Last week as I was sitting at my office about to take a bite of my sad sandwich, my mom called asking if I wanted to meet her for lunch. Buh-bye sandwich - You lived to see another day!

So we met up at the Benjy's on Upper Washington, and it was just lovely.

The airy interior transports you to a greener world, which plays right into their strong message and mission of serving Farm-to-Table fare. I dug it.

Before our appetizers arrived, our server brought us a little dish of ridiculously good popcorn to nosh on. I couldn't place what the popcorn was seasoned with, but it seemed akin to Old Bay seasoning. Just perfect. It was gone before you could say, "What scheme will Emily Thorne cook up against the Graysons next???"

For an appetizer we ordered the Pistachio-Crusted Goat Cheese Cakes. I stand by my strong proclamation that I have never met a cheese I didn't like, and these divine little cakes did not disappoint.  Served with a "Golden Raisin Mostarda" (AKA: Golden Raisin Mustard Jelly Stuff) and some light crackers/crostinis, the cakes were absolutely delectable. All of the elements created a savory, sweet, soft, and crunchy symphony. Just perfect.

My eyes kept gravitating towards the Farmers Market "Ceviche," so I asked our server about it. She explained that it is made up of 30 different locally grown vegetables, tossed in a lime vinaigrette. Sold. I ordered that with grilled shrimp on top (I'm totally abusing my newfound non-allergy to crustaceans, by the by. Carpe Freaking Diem.).

And it was AMAZING. Eating the ceviche was truly an adventure, discovering each new hidden vegetable under one another. What will be next? Corn! Broccoli! Avocado! Tomato! Radishes! It was quite an exciting dish, bursting with beautiful colors and wonderful flavors, with surprises at every turn.

My mother ordered the Cobb Salad, which was also incredible. Loaded with shrimp and served with a Miso Vinaigrette, this cobb was much lighter than the average cobb. It also tasted completely different from the average cobb. I personally love the average cobb (How many times is she going to say "average cobb"?), but I thought this cobb was a far more sophisticated, grown-up version of the average cob (Four times).

Now that I've had such a wonderful lunch experience at Benjy's, I can't wait to go back for dinner and/or brunch. It was completely delightful. Excellent food, excellent environment, excellent service.

I cannot recommend it enough!

So level with me here. Scandal: Should I get started on it? Or will I absolutely lose my flipping mind?


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