Happy Hour at Haven

Friday, October 25, 2013
Sort of. You see I was in Cove, but I was ordering from Haven. It's confusing.

But before I get into that, I need to get past the EVIL HOUSTON TRAFFIC I dealt with on my way over there (I thought I meant something to you, Fake Siri App) and the fact that I had no cash on me, and it was VALET PARKING ONLY (Even though it was not even 6:00 on a Wednesday and there were practically tumbleweeds blowing through the parking lot), which resulted in me showing up completely frazzled and more than likely downright psychotic-looking, after having had a major dramatic blowout of epic proportions with my beloved hometown.

[pause for steam to let out]

Other than that, I really liked Haven!

I mean Cove.

Okay, so they're both in the same building, and both sort of co-exist with one another. Haven is a ginormous restaurant with a little nook (er...cove) attached to it called Cove. It's all very chic and pretty inside. Even though I told my beyond-patient friend Megan (Ehrm, sorry about being a million years late...) that we were meeting at Haven, she ended up in Cove. And I'm really happy she did, because it was so cozy in there! And we were still able to order off of the Haven Happy Hour menu!

I'm beginning to learn that there is a trend in many nice/r Houston restaurants: They have stupidly awesome and cheap Happy Hour menus. Flemings, America's, Queen Vic, and Oporto all come to mind. And now Haven. Or Cove. Or both!

The HH menu at Haven/Cove is not quite as extensive as other restaurants, but they do have some great noshes for $6 each. Sign me up!

The first thing we ordered was the Pulled Pork Slider Trio, which was RIDICULOUS. Megan and I were shamelessly gushing over the sliders. If a Sloppy Joe fell in love with the most divine barbecued pork you've ever tasted, these would be their little delicious babies. Just phenomenal.

Next up was the Shrimp Corn Dog Trio. And to be completely honest, the dogs were the weak link of the bunch. There was a little dollop of remoulade underneath them, but you really couldn't taste it. They were simply just shrimp in a corn dog, without that extra somethin' somethin' that matched the awesomeness of the other dishes.

We then went on to the Wild Boar Chili Tater tots, and all at once my mediocre experience with the shrimp dogs was a distant memory in  a faraway land. These tots were everything I dreamed of and more. Colorful, flavorful, and stunning. Haven took a standard down-home staple, and dressed it up as something fancier and sinfully divine.

I'm seriously starting to salivate right now just thinking about them.

And the Fried Chicken and Waffles! Er. Mer. Gerd. I can't. I CANNOT. They were absolutely out of this world. Blew my mind.

End result? I definitely recommend going to Cove for Happy Hour and dining off the of the Haven menu. The fancified versions of Southern fried staples will be sure to rock your world. Just be prepared for the valet parking (I seriously want to start a revolt), and have cash on hand!

And don't listen to Fake Siri when she tells you to get on 610 and 59 in Rush Hour traffic! Don't dooooooooooo it!!!!!!!!


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