Vacation Days: Fort Worth, June 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
By now it's clear that I like to visit Fort Worth. In fact, I really like it. It's mainly because my super awesome little sister Emily lives there. I mean, she could live in a laundry hamper and I'd love it. She could live in Dallas and I'd love it.

That's...not true.

(I'm 76% kidding YOU GUYS.)

What I mean to say though is that Fort Worth is a great town. Last weekend my kid sister turned 23, and she wanted to spend it with her family in Fort Worth! So my mom, dad, Jon, and I all headed up there and joined up with Emily, Emily's boyfriend Danny, and Danny's family for a weekend of fun!

On Friday night we met up at the Flying Saucer for brews and bites. The Fort Worth Flying Saucer has a gorgeous, whimsical patio, and we were able to snag a table there.

On Saturday, we bopped around Fort Worth for a bit, then had an INCREDIBLE lunch at Velvet Taco (separate blog post on that later!).

 World's most adorable sister? Probably.

Photo Credit: Emily
After lunch and requisite birthday shots done by a few of the 21+ aged folks in attendance (gulped to the tune of my mother screeching, "WHY ARE YOU DOING SHOTS?! YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO GET SICK!!") Jon, Emily, Danny, Danny's sister Katie, and I blew up our inner tubes and set out to Slide the City.

A giant slip and slide through a city? World's greatest idea? Probably.

Despite a technical snafu that caused the cancellation of the morning wave, and despite the fact that there wasn't really enough water to slide the whole way down without standing up and running about 7 times, we took part in setting a Guinness World Record, and it was an absolute blast.

Slide the City was part of PantherFest, an outdoor festival with food, drinks, and live music. We stopped by there for a little bit, but didn't stay very long.

Completely wiped out from our day of fun in the sun, Em decided she wanted to chill at home with some delicious takeout sushi from Piranha Killer Sushi, paired with a viewing of "Stepbrothers," #naturally.

Before heading back on Sunday, Jon and I grabbed lunch with Emily and Danny at Terra Mediterranean Grill, where we feasted on a MEDITERRANEAN BUFFET OF MAGIC.

It was a great weekend filled with food, drinks, fun, giant slip 'n slides, and family. I can't wait to go back!

I <3 FW.


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