Vacation Days: Fort Worth

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
My sister Emily has been living in Fort Worth since August, and I finally was able to visit her recently. Right before Christmas my boyfriend Jon and I headed up there to grab her for the holidays, but not until we checked out her adorable studio apartment, participated in various Christmas festivities, ate our weight in DELICIOUS food, and all-around painted the town red! And before I go any further and post the pics, let me just say that I (like any other born and bred Houstonian) will tell you I am not the biggest Dallas fan (you can blame that one on my father who is currently "nervous" that the Cowboys might go all the way to the Super Bowl this year). BUT, I'm here to tell you just how much I LOVE Fort Worth. What a great, charming, fun city!

First of all, how darling is her apartment?

And you know what Fort Worth has?

That's right, Pizza. And salads (because then it's healthy).

Emily and her boyfriend Danny had this all ordered and ready for us for our late Friday night arrival. Talk about phenomenal hospitality!

I mean, how impressed are you?

(Don't answer that).

Let's talk about the incredible brunch we had.

We lucky ducklings happened upon this hipster-yet-humble restaurant for Saturday brunch called Brewed. Even luckier, they sat us in the "Game Room," which was filled with vinyls, vintage mannequin heads, and you guessed it - games. And not only was it quirky and fun, but the food was exceptional and inexpensive. We all fell in love hard with this place.

Isn't she a cutie?

^Yes, this picture makes me break out into hives, just like you. But we weren't seeing the Cowboys, we were there to cheer on Jon's alma mater, Katy High School, as they played in the state finals! Coyboy Stadium.


We had dinner at a great restaurant in Fort Worth's hip Sundance Square called Little Red Wasp. Everything was awesome.

And if you stumble upon a big beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of the town square, you better grab the first stranger who walks by you and plant a big one on their cheek for a picture!

Just kidding, I met that guy earlier that morning.

Also cheesecake.

It was a great weekend, and I am now a huge fan of Fort Worth! If you go, be sure to check out Brewed, Little Red Wasp, and Sundance Square. They were big hits with this crowd!

Also that. Check out that.


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