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Friday, May 15, 2015
This little vegetarian went to market.

This little vegetarian stayed home.
This little vegetarian had did not have roast beef.
This little vegetarian [also] had none.

AND THIS little vegetarian? SHE took freaking   f o r e v e r   to finally eat at one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Houston, but she recently went! And she fell in total love!

I made a new friend named Clint at last week's media preview for Bollo Woodfired Pizza, and he invited me to join him for lunch at Radical Eats in Montrose. He said I'd be a fan of their many vegetarian dishes.

(And don't worry my meat-lovin' friends - There are meat options here as well. But the vegetarian choices are extensive, fresh, and creative, and they satisfied a huge void I didn't even know was missing from my life.)

Soon after Clint and I sat down, we were greeted with crisp tortilla chips, accompanied with sides of  super spicy, thick green sauce and tart, tangy salsa.

There are several fresh juices offered at Radical Eats, and Clint and I both ordered their watermelon juice. It was sweet, light, and wonderfully refreshing. Absolute summer in a cup!

Based on past experiences, Clint enthusiastically suggested we start off with the buffalo cauliflower.

I can't even stress to you how wonderful this appetizer was. I've tried my own hand at making buffalo cauliflower in the past, and it was mediocre at best. The cauliflower bites at Radical Eats, however, were anything but mediocre. Generously coated in a robust, aromatic, spicy buffalo sauce, the flavor was full and sensational. If I closed my eyes and someone had told me I was actually eating boneless chicken wings, I just might believe them.

(but that might be a mean trick, so please don't do that to me.)

For my main entree I ordered one of their daily specials - the bibimbap with fresh avocado.

And again, what an astounding dish.

The quinoa base was topped off with a rainbow assortment of freshly sliced tomatoes, raw cashews, sauteed mushrooms, leafy greens, tofu, kimchi, and avocado. Each ingredient was beautiful, fresh, and distinctly different in taste from one another. Regardless of the contrasting flavors, the end result was an impressively perfect blend. Furthermore, our server asked if I wanted a side of sweet chili sauce which, when added to the dish, gave it a playful sweetness that brought it to a whole new level.

It's seriously offensive how long it took me to dine at Radical Eats. The spirited, spunky food is prepared with utmost precision and care. The options are healthy, flavorful, and beyond satisfying. Radical Eats is now absolutely a part of my regular lunch rotation!

This little vegetarian took a nosedive into some watermelon juice and discovered the meaning of life.

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  1. LOVE the blog!...Yes, Clint is ALWAYS a fun guest for lunch...or...drinks! We should all go Tacos-A-Go-Go! Cheers ~

    1. Thanks Sharon, we had such a nice time! And yes, I would love to do lunch/drinks with both of you!


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