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Thursday, May 28, 2015
Some weather we've been having lately, huh?

In all seriousness I sincerely hope all of you reading this got through/are getting through the floods with as little damage to your homes and belongings. These storms are no joke - Stay safe out there!

On Tuesday my office was closed due to the madness, and I spent the day inside with my stir-crazy pup. Once the dust (errr- rain?) settled, my friend Kate (who had been stuck inside studying for an exam all day) and I stretched out and ventured over to Beckrew Wine House for some vino and bites.

I had been wanting to try out this Upper Kirby spot ever since it took over the old Tasting Room location and opened back in January. 

The inside is beautiful. White brick walls, exposed industrial ceilings, and funky geometric hanging lamps adorn this open, airy, minimalist space. It's a photographer's dream.

And here's Kate looking adorable under a dome lamp:

The menu at Beckrew lends itself to sharing small plates among your party, something I'm always a fan of. We started off with two of the crostinis - the walnut pesto & parmesan crostini and the honey & chevre crostini.

The walnut pesto & parmesan crostini (pictured above, left) was so unique and SO delicious. Not your average pesto, the toasted walnut/parmesan/thyme combination created a soft, almost stuffing-like spread. Amazed by this odd, tasty creation, I inspected it to make sure it didn't have meat in it! (it didn't.)

The honey & chevre crostini was light and playful. The sweet truffle honey balanced nicely with the creamy goat cheese chevre and almonds. While the walnut pesto & parmesan crostini was my favorite of the two, this one certainly was also an excellent choice.

Beckrew has an entire section of the menu devoted to different honeys, so we had to try one. Not only did we have to try one, we had to try the raw honeycomb from Savannah, as neither of us had ever eaten raw honeycomb.

Folks, if you've never tried raw honeycomb, I urge you to do so.

The fresh, textured honeycomb - albeit waxy of course - was a delightful treat. Spread atop a piece of bread, the sweet comb was outstanding. It was yet another light, enjoyable starter. Perfect for sharing with a buddy!

Oh, but y'all?


Served with a side of freshly grated parmesan, the funghi pizza is topped with cremini and oyster mushrooms and a light layer of mozzaralla. The mushrooms are incredibly textured, chewy, and pronounced, so if you are a mushroom-hater, do not get this pizza. But if you are a mushroom-lover like me, and you enjoy the intricate composition of mushrooms, this pizza is for you. The asymmetrical, uneven, fluffy dough was actually a welcome, perfect vessel for the 'shrooms and cheese. Also, the pizza was incredibly peppery, which Kate and I were big fans of. The end result was an interesting, unique, careful dish, bursting with flavor and texture. It was by far my favorite thing we ate that night!

And because #thunderstorms, we ordered a second pizza!

(like I ever *actually* need an excuse.)

The lombardia pizza was unfortunately probably my least favorite dish of the evening. Topped with gorgonzola, spinach, and sliced green apple, we were pretty excited about this one, but it ended up falling flat. I expected the spinach to be sauteed, but it was raw and a bit overpowering. I could hardly taste the gorgonzola, a surprising discovery since it's such a pronounced cheese, and the few thiny slivered apples did not do anything to enhance it. I would not order this pizza again.

But I WILL order the funghi pizza again and again and again and again.

Beckrew Wine House is a lovely new(ish) addition to the Upper Kirby neighborhood. The wine we had (prosecco for me) was complex and delicious, and the food for the most part was an absolute delight. The interior is open, relaxed, beautiful, and inviting. It's the perfect spot for a romantic date or for catching up with a good friend!

Seriously, photographers. Go now.

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