Taco Tuesdays: Guadalajara Downtown

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
I'm in a bit of a holiday rut.

I know. Coming from the girl who basically IS Christmas (what does that even mean). I normally relish every peppermint-coated, egg nog-soaked, gingerbread-kissed (stop? got it) second between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year I find myself wanting to plow through all of it. December has just been so jam-packed that I haven't really had a chance to watch Elf 67 times, which is a struggle, you know? I'm certainly not complaining because I'm at a super content place in my life right now, but maybe I just want Christmas to be here pronto, amiright?

Regardless, I still have managed to sneak in a few joyous festive moments! Like recently, my dear friend Meredith and I went to look at the Christmas lights on the old homes at the Heritage Society. And, we got to meet someone really cool...

Because we're adults and we do what we want.

But before we did that, we had dinner at Guadalajara downtown, and it was hella good!

My parents used to live downtown, so we would often walk over from their place to Guadalajara. I hadn't been in about 2 years, so it was great to go back!

To start, I ordered the sangria off of the Happy Hour menu, and Meredith ordered the spiked horchata, aka Liquidy Christmas Magic Down Your Throat. My sangria was okay, but it was a little heavier than I like it. Her Liquidy Christmas Magic Down Your Throat was velvety, smooth, soul-warming, and filled with a healthy pour of tequila and nine jolly elves. I'm pretty sure a few of those would definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!

(They might also put me in a bathtub wondering where the last five hours of my life went).

Well, that took a dark turn.


Chips! And salsa! And a drink on the menu called a Horny Iguana!

(Do I need to give this blog post a parental advisory warning?)

The Guadalajara salsa is top-notch y'all. They serve it warm, and flavor-wise it's definitely more earthy than sweet. Awesome.

To start we ordered the spinach and feta cheese sweet corn tamales, which for the record I LOVE. The creamy spinach and feta cheese filling is rich, sweet, slightly tart, and downright decadent.

This unique departure from your regular run-of-the-mill tamale is so delightful!

You probably could have lived your lives never having seen the inside of my tamale, huh? Apologies.

In general I like to change things up when I eat out. I'm typically not an "I found one dish I love and now I will only ever order that" type of person... Except when it comes to Mexican food. I find my favorites, and I stick with them. Pre-vegetarian days, I would always get beef fajitas at every Mexican restaurant I went to (I'm telling you, I still have dreams about the fillet fajitas at El Tiempo, GOOD LORD). And now that I'm a vegetarian, you can put money on the fact that I will always order some version of this:

A veggie-filled quesadilla of wonder.

This particular quesadilla was filled with cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. Ugh, and it was good. You know what bums me out? A soggy quesadilla. You know what this was? A not-soggy quesadilla. You know what else bums me out? A dry quesadilla. You know what this was? A not-dry quesadilla. Guadalajara has mastered the perfect balance of a crispy toasted quesadilla with moist <~~(invitation to hate me granted), flavorful contents on the inside. There were a ton of savory, smooth, veggies packed in, and the gooey plethora of cheese did not leave me disappointed. This was a darn good quesadilla. Meredith had a 3 taco sampler, and she dubbed my dish as the winner.

Guadalajara is a Houston chain, so with a few different locations, you've got options folks. The environment is fun, the prices are decent, and the food is quality. So ho ho ho your way on over!


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