Vacation Days: Los Angeles

Thursday, July 10, 2014
I may or may not have googled "How do you spell Las Angelos" prior to typing in that title....


I used to be a snarky New Yorker who hated Elle Ayyyee even though she had only visited once 17 years ago (SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO?! Am I actually old enough to be saying things like "The last time I was there was 17 YEARS AGO"?! Yes. Yes I am.).

And FYI that trip was magical because it was right after a little unknown film called, oh, TITANIC came out, and on that trip I MET THE OLD LADY FROM TITANIC (Gloria Stewart, may she rest in peace) AND SHE WAS WONDERFUL AND SHE HELD MY HANDS AND SMELLED LIKE LAVENDER.

So even though my prior trip (ahem, 17 years ago) was magical and wonderful and everything my naive tween self could have ever dreamed of (minus the obvious exclusion of none other than the future Mr. Leonardo DiOgonosky), I still was all, "I'm a New Yorker now. I love New York. If I love New York, I couldn't possibly love Lars Arngerlars."

But now I'm back to being an optimistic doe-eyed southern gal, and gosh darn it if I didn't fall in love with the city of angels this past 4th of July weekend. I mean, how could you not? Those beaches! That weather! The beautiful sky that's essentially covered in one giant hazy orange Instagram filter which may or may not actually be pollution even though the number of Priuses per capita there is through the roof!

So without further adieu, my pictures! (and no I did not meet Leo, but I sort of met Halle Berry in that she walked by and was the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life, she smiled at me, and I gaped at her like a baboon. classic kim.)

There's a really embarrassing story behind this Coffee Bean coffee. But sorry you only get one per blog, and I already handed you Halle Berry on a silver platter. Here's a hint: I unabashedly full-on put my mouth on a stranger's coffee that looked absolutely NOTHING like mine and caused a huge scene. Okay so I told you.

Seriously, that sky is stupid and I want to have its babies.

Never a shortage of veggie burgers!

It's brilliant. I'm not even mad.

With my best friend's little brother, who is my de facto little brother, who I love to pieces

It was so dark this photo would have never happened had I not been surrounded by 72 film geeks, I mean STUDS. But seriously, how adorable are they?
Photo Credit: Eric Lombart

All photos (except for Eric's!) were taken with my iPhone and edited in VSCO cam and Pixlr (except for the #nofilter one, obvs).

Upcoming trips: NYC in a couple of weeks, Peru and Panama in September, and NYC again in October for my friend LJ's wedding!!

Laos Anjelas you are one helluva town.



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