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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Full disclosure I'm going to be largely MIA during the month of July.

Is it actually July already?

First up, I'm going to Los Angeles this weekend to visit friends and drown in the splendor of the west coast. I'll also be out of town a while for work, and for my friend L.J.'s bachelor party in NYC.

I seriously can't sit still, and you can bet your sweet face I'll be Instagramming all of it like there's no tomorrow!

But while I'm still here with you for the moment and not sipping on airplane martinis, FOOD.

We ended up at Mockingbird Bistro on accident.

Continuing where we last left off on my gluttonous June weekend with my mother....

For weeks prior, she and I had been planning a nice dinner at Oxheart. According to Oxheart's website, we could not make a June reservation until June 1. My mother neurotically checked back on the website about 72 times during the last week of May just to be sure. At 10:00 pm on May 31, she checked again, only to find that reservations had opened, and there was nothing available for the night we were wanting to go.

We were none too pleased, but hopefully this was a one-time fluke. I still definitely want to go there sometime!

Bummed but not deterred, we did some research and made reservations for Mockingbird Bistro, which is located in a charming old strip within walking distance from where we were staying.

Much like the exterior, the interior is also very charming. The inside is much more massive than you would expect. The large rooms are dimly lit and contemporary-looking, with contrasting Renaissance-style lighting fixtures hanging from the ceilings.

Mockingbird's menu doesn't really offer anything in the way of vegetarian entrees, but I was able to piecemeal a sizable (and outstanding!) dinner together from sides and apps (something I'm starting to get used to when eating out veg).

I started off with the organic beet salad, which was lovely.

Loaded with red beets, orange beets, arugula, blue cheese, and white balsamic foam, this salad was light, sweet, savory, and indulgent. It was a perfectly executed little starter.

Next up, for my main course, I ordered the truffle parmesan pommes frites, and the asparagus risotto.

You guys know how unabashedly obsessed I am with truffle. These fries were great, but--dare I say it?--a little heavy-handed on the truffle. I know! I can't believe I'm saying that either! It wasn't to the point of me not wanting to eat them because, obviously. But these fries would have been top of the charts good had they scaled it back on the truffle a *tad*. Otherwise, they were perfectly crispy, salty, and topped with just the right amount of parmesan.

The asparagus risotto is not actually a singular offering on the menu, but I spotted it as an accompaniment to one of the entrees.

And mah lord.

You guys, this was so good, and rich, and creamy, and filling. The asparagus taste was not overpowering at all, and the dish was absolutely perfect. I couldn't stop "oohing" and "ahhing" over this one. I cannot recommend it enough.

By time we left on that Saturday night the place was PACKED, and rightly so. My mom and I left fully satisfied and happy about our unplanned dinner at Mockingbird Bistro.

I love a good accident.

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