Vacation Days: NYC (or "That One Time Kim ate All of the Pizza")

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
No really.

I did a count, and I actually no lie had 17 slices in the span of 3 days. NYC pizza really is the best!

Ugh, and don't get me started on the bagels....

This past weekend I went to New York to attend the wedding of one of my college besties Mike and his stunning fiance (now wife) Kristen.

Photo Credit: Megan Buckley
And look. I know this gorgeous wedding was probably the best day of Mike and Kristen's life. However, I also think it may have been the best day of MY life. My dearest friends from college (some who I literally hadn't seen in 7 years) flew in from all over the world (I'm talking to you, Derek, who decided to set up camp in oh, AFRICA) to celebrate this joyous event, and my heart is still so full of love and joy, I feel like I'm going to combust all over my desk (but ew, I won't).

Those ridiculously beautiful people who out of the goodness of their hearts decided to let me stand with them are some of my college friends. We're flashing up the "U" sign for University of Miami. (Photo Credit: Cat Cunningham)
And best day of my life? How about best weekend of my life? Because before the wedding on Saturday I did absolutely everything I possibly could in the city. I got to see the very best of my NYC friends whom I love with all my heart at my favorite NYC bar (free pizza with every beer at Croc Lounge? Uhhh, yup.), watch our Tony-nominated former classmate Joshua Henry kick major ass in Violet on the Great White Way, hug Ozzy my favorite kiddo in the whole wide world, have an impromptu visit to the Met, and....well, I'll just show you the rest in pictures.

B e s t . W e e k e n d . E v e r.

The love of my life escorted me to the airport.

United Cluuuubbbb #allthecheese
Besties in love.


Seriously. Prettiest friends ever.

With my darling LJ, aka Poncho


Photo Credit: photomatonchic

All photos (except for the borrowed ones) were taken with my iPhone and edited in VSCO cam, Afterlight, and Repix.

Next Trips Up: NYC again in July for my friend LJ's Bachelor Party, Peru and Panama in September, and NYC again AGAIN in October for LJ's wedding!!

Photo Credit: Megan Buckley
My dumb heart is going to burst.


  1. Uh hold up these photos are GORGEOUS. That museum-y shot with the light pouring through those huge windows? Die. I can't believe they were taken with your iphone!!! Okay good this gives me hope that Europe captured on my phone won't be as crappy as I think it will (I am too fearful to take my camera anywhere outside of my apartment). Also, this sounds like the MOST FUN weekend EVER. I am so impressed with the amount of pizza you were able to consume...yet you are still tiny and gorgeous. Oh life, y u be so unfair ;)

    1. Um hi, can I keep you in my pocket ALWAYS? Thank you Erika!! And when are you going to Europe? And where?? I'm so excited for you!! Yeah, the iPhone can be pretty mighty with photos (especially with the help of fun photo apps), so never fear!! :)

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