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Friday, May 16, 2014
I'm in a TV rut.

This is what happens when you binge-watch all of the good things, and seasons end, and you are left with a dark empty void where your soul used to be. Revenge, Scandal, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, where are youuuuuu?

I got into quite the heated debate with my friend Eric last week in NYC over Breaking Bad. It went something like this:

Me: I just can't get into Breaking Bad
Eric: What?! Why??
Me: Well, every time I watch it I'm eating ice cream, and I get really grossed out by the blood and stuff, and I feel sick to my stomach.
Eric: ......Hey I've got an idea - Try watching it without eating ice cream.
Me: Um...no.
Eric: Kim, that show is so amazing! It's even better than LOST!
Mark (enters): I'm going to have to politely disagree. But you should watch Breaking Bad Kim. Without the ice cream.

But I feel very strongly that I should be able to watch my stories (yeah, I went there) while enjoying the rich gooey pleasure of ice cream. Is that too much to ask?


So I'll take any suggestions on new/old shows to watch that I can plow through and enjoy with my favorite pint of Ben and Jerry's!
But the main reason we're here.

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Meredith's gender reveal pictures amongst the lovely bluebonnets in Memorial Park. So exciting and so much fun!

Afterwards, we decided to fill up on sushi at Aka Sushi House in Upper Kirby. Well, I had sushi, and she had cooked things. For the children! (well, child) Also, this will be my last post for an indefinite amount of time that involves meat or fish.

(And if anyone has a killer fake bacon (FACON OMG) recipe for me, send it on over!)

I truly do not think I will ever get over the amazing lunch specials that abound in Houston sushi restaurants. A 2 roll combo for $10 that includes miso soup AND a salad, AND you can order it on Saturdays??


The salad wasn't anything life-altering, but it delivered as you would expect a salad in a sushi house to deliver. The Miso Soup, though, was pretty exceptional. It was loaded with tofu and seaweed. I feel so cheated when I get Miso Soup that's simply broth with a few garnishes. Not so with the Aka's Miso Soup!

I decided to change things up a bit and venture beyond my standard Spicy Tuna/Philadelphia Roll combo. So I ordered the Tiger Eye Roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeño, masago, soy paper) and the Dynamite Roll (baked assorted fish, spicy mayo, scallion, crunch). Come to think of it everything I had was completely cooked too......

That was not a weird awkward Sherlock-Holmsian way of telling you that I'm pregnant I promise.


I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Because Philadelphia Rolls are generally my favorite, I assumed the salmon and cream cheese-filled Tiger Eye Roll would be the winner of the two, but the Dynamite Roll ended up the champion. I did enjoy the Tiger Eye Roll, but the cuts of it were a little big for one mouthful. And I loved the complex result of the combination of assorted fish in the Dynamite Roll. Regardless, both rolls were packed with a variety of different flavors and textures. And they came out on such cute wooden plates! (plates? blocks? boards? help.)

While I do enjoy trying new things, I may still have to go back to my old standards (when/if I start eating fish again). But Aka has great deals, does not skimp on the offerings, has tasty and complex dishes, and is a great quiet spot to catch up with a friend and talk about babies!

Or if you're me, weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a Hulu subscription for the sole purpose of binge-watching The Mindy Project.


  1. Wait I feel like I missed something...why are you not eating meat/fish in the forseeable future?? I mean I applaud this but isn't lent over? What is happening!!

    Also, I did not know Aka had this lunch special!!! That's so awesome because the last time I went (we just missed happy hour) I was like eh idk if this food is worth these prices. But I shall have to go for lunch now!

    Also I FEEL YOU ON THE TV (omg the Mindy Project is SO GOOD). I pretty much watch all the same shows as you and I would be totally out of stuff to watch too had I not taken a month-long hiatus last month to watch the entire Veronica Mars series. It's on Amazon Prime and I mean...I enjoyed myself. Other suggestions: Nashville, New Girl...wait what happened to all my series?? I can't even keep track of all the ones I watch (while multi-tasking, of course...). Anyhoo. The point is I too feel the void (HOUSE OF CARDS AND SCANDAL: Y U SO FAR AWAY) and I also haven't been able to get into Breaking Bad :( even without ice cream. Oh! Have you watched Orange is the New Black? I think it's coming back soon...

    1. Hey girl, welcome back!! I hope you had a wonderful trip!! Okay, so many things:

      1) I'm not Catholic, but I AM a big ole animal lover. This was something I'd been considering for a while, and I decided to just go for it! I've been veg for about a month now, and so far so good! (Though I really do miss bacon, ugh.)

      2) Yes!! It actually may have been the happy hour special (revised maybe?), but it was on Saturday at lunch time, and it was cheap and really good!!

      3) Thank you for all of those great suggestions! The Bachelorette just started back up (totally embarrassing, I know), so that's holding me over a little bit. I do have Orange is the New Black on my radar to start soon. Also, The Newsroom and Sherlock are in my lineup. And of course there's the ever-gnawing presence of Game of Thrones in my life. My problem is that I refuse to watch all of the show until I've read the books, and the books are such a COMMITMENT that I've literally been on Book Two for the past 14 months. HELP.

      Life, man. :)

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