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Friday, March 7, 2014
This year I had the PERFECT Valentine's Day, complete with Chinese Takeout, Netflix, and the best Valentine I could ever ask for!

Also  there's a 100% chance that the "best Valentine I could ever ask for" cost me my entire security deposit this week...

But we're not here to vent about our pets THAT WE LOVE SO MUCH.

We're here to talk food.

Back in January I raved about my takeout experience at Upper Kirby's Hunan Village. CultureMap's Eric Sandler suggested I try 369 Oriental Bistro in Montrose next time I had the Chinese Takeout hankering.

(which of course is ALL THE TIME, but I *hear* moderation is key).

Never one to ignore a stellar review, I set out on V-Day night to pick up my second dinner.

About that moderation thing...

Conveniently located by the Montrose Spec's, 369 is a snug little joint with a simple, but warm and inviting atmosphere. They were slammed with takeout orders that particular night, but the staff were super friendly while I waited.

Also they gave me a rose! It's *probably* not an every day treat, but it was very much appreciated.

Along with the rose, I came home with a carton of beef lo mein and some crab puffs.

Guys. Gals. It was EVERYTHING.

The crab puffs were the silkiest, fluffiest, lightest little delights I could have ever imagined. They balanced decadence and simplicity perfectly and were absolutely astounding.

And the lo mein was beyond exceptional. The noodles were nice and saucy, the beef was tender, and the whole thing was packed with flavor.

But most importantly:

It came in a takeout carton, which allowed me to live out my every Sex and the City fantasy, as I ate directly out of the carton using chopsticks, while visiting with my good friends Olivia Pope and Francis Underwood that fine Valentine's Day evening!

369 has become my new staple neighborhood Chinese takeout joint. Yes, I know I say that every time I get new takeout near me, but the food just keeps getting better and better each time!

369 is delicious and affordable and they put their lo mein in cartons and life is beautiful.


  1. LOL I was JUST talking to my friend about how we want to live the Olivia Pope life of dinners of popcorn and wine...but Sex in the City takeout sounds totally excellent too. (Scandal + House of Cards = such a good couple of shows to watch!). I loved your last rec of Hunan Village so I am definitely putting this one on the list as well!! :)

    1. I watch way too much TV. :) Yes, I couldn't recommend this place more, thanks Erika!!


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