Taco Tuesdays: La Grange

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
With the excepetion of this morning, is anyone else so totally drunk on the gorgeous weather we're having?

La Grange restaurant in Houston

(If you're drunk on tequila, that's okay, we won't judge).

Last Friday was such a beautiful Houston spring [January] day, that I had to bask in the sun on a patio with some good food in front of me and a potent drink in my hand, of course! My friend Jessi drove into Houston from Kingwood to meet me for dinner at the restaurant La Grange, located in Montrose. I'd heard awesome things about their food and patio, so I was excited to give it a try!

La Grange restaurant in Houston

And yes, the restaurant's patio 100% lived up to its expectations! It seemed that every other Houstonite was just as excited about the weather, so it was a busy evening. In spite of this, our server was spectacular. She was always there when we needed her, and she spent time going over the menu with us, even though it was clear she had a million other things to do. She was a total rockstar.

I'm not a big margarita fan, but one of my Houston Rodeo Wine Garden Committee friends told me I absolutely have to try the Carlos Danger. I discussed it with our server, telling her about my margarita reservations, and she felt confident I would like it.

The Carlos Danger at La Grange restaurant in Houston

And y'all? I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I ordered two (!!!!!). The Carlos Danger is a concoction of jalapeño and pineapple infused tequila, triple sec, lime, and agave. Not for the faint of heart, this drink packed some serious heat, which I was a major fan of. It lacked the tartness that comes with traditional margaritas, and the sweet/spicy, pineapple/jalapeño combo was right on point!

For our first round of food, we ordered the holy queso, and added guacamole.

the holy queso with guacamole at La Grange restaurant in Houston

This queso was a wonderful, gooey mix of white cheese, green chilies, and pico de gallo. The cheese itself was light and slightly tart, and the green chilies were incredibly spicy. Once stirred together, the chilies were muted to a more comfortable level (though still hot!), set against the backdrop of everything else. It was zippy, spicy, and incredibly indulgent. We were basically licking the bowl clean by the end of it!

For our next round of food, I ordered the restaurant's grilled veggie stacked enchiladas. I don't normally order enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant because they often are just a pool of cheese and gravy (which of course on certain occasions is totally desirable). And while these enchiladas did have a good amount of cheese, they were not soggy by any stretch, and the variety of vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash) were given the opportunity to shine through. I do think the enchiladas could have benefited from a topping of salsa or dollop of sour cream, as they did end up coming across as a little dry. Overall though, I did enjoy them.

A nice bonus for me was that the restaurant does not use lard in its refried beans, or any sort of meat in its rice, so I was able to enjoy those as well! The refried black beans were smooth and earthy, and the rice was a good, standard offering of Mexican rice.

La Grange is a lively, fun restaurant in Houston's Montrose area that offers great Mexican food at decent prices. The service we experienced that night was some of the best I've had here in Houston. I definitely recommend paying a visit, especially during these beautiful Houston days, when you can sit on their gorgeous patio and get totally drunk off of this weather!

veggie enchiladas at La Grange restaurant in Houston

And by "weather" I mean "tequila."

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