Webisode 2: Al Quick Stop

Thursday, July 9, 2015
It's time for the next installment of the Adventures in a New(ish) City Web Series (All webisodes can be viewed on my YouTube channel)! To catch you up to speed, Webisode 1 detailed my visit to Ragu & Pesto.

^ And in this latest webisode you can apparently find me attempting to do a squat session (?) right in front of my poor friend Kate (um, sorry Kate), as well as eating some incredible falafel at the unassuming, yet incredibly welcoming Al Quick Stop in Montrose! Al Quick Stop actually came as a recommendation to me from one of my Instagram friends, Alessandra. Hearing that they serve awesome falafel, I had to try it of course! So PLEASE if you have any suggestions - particularly for more under-the-radar establishments - send them my way! Your awesome picks could be featured in my upcoming videos!

One more thing - I'm going to disappear for a week into vacationland, which kicks off with a long weekend in Chicago! Please believe I will return with lots of pictures of deep dish pizza and dorky poses in front of that big mirror bean thing. Also apparently there's a really old t-rex there too that I'm going to see? #DreamsDoComeTrue.

But NOW I invite you to enjoy some wonderful lunch with Kate and me at Al Quick Stop. And next time you go, be sure to say hi to Zak from us!


  1. Bummer that Balena was a bust. We enjoyed it on our visit, but that was 2 1/2 years ago. Anything and everything can change in that amount of time in a restaurant. Even back in 2013 it wasn't at Coltivare level though - one could make a strong argument that Coltivare is the most consistently good and interesting restaurant in our city. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! While Balena certainly wasn't bad, I think ultimately I went in with way too high of expectations. I think I've grown accustomed to expecting "good" restaurants everywhere to be as incredible as the "good" restaurants in Houston, but Houston really has raised the bar in recent years. Lucky us, I guess! :)


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