Wednesday, September 24, 2014
It's officially fall!

Which means the mornings are now somehow magically beautiful here, I'm drinking all of the pumpkin coffee, and my apartment smells like the entire harvest section of Bath and Body Works.

Because it's officially fall!

But let's rewind a hair back to the summer, shall we? When my friend Megan was off being amazing teaching children in Vietnam for the summer, I met up with her super cool boyfriend Jesse for brunch one day at Lowbrow. He said I had to try their veggie burger. But turns out they don't serve their veggie burgers at brunch. (!!!!) So I ordered their house granola with Greek yogurt and honey, which was great, but tasted exactly how you would expect house granola and Greek yogurt with honey to taste.

Fast forward about six weeks - Megan's back in town, so she, Jesse, my boyfriend, and I all meet up for dinner at Lowbrow one night to try this legendary veggie burger.

Oh yeah, I have one of those now. I sort of glossed over that in my last post about llamas, but I've been boyfriended. I suppose he should get a proper blog introduction. His name is Jon, and he's awesome and dreamy and we laugh a lot. Unfortunately, in the initial dating phase we visited a lot of new places, but I didn't blog about them because, a) I wasn't sure at what point one starts casually taking pictures of their food, while simultaneously making sure there's no broccoli in their teeth/trying to convince the totally dreamy person sitting across from them that they're completely sane and worth spending consistent time with (dating is exhausting, can I get an Amen?!), and b) introducing a new person on my blog? I don't take that stuff lightly! But I should have known everything would have been fine from day one when Jon started sending me photos of everything he ate.

(...No really. Everything.)

Moving along!

In true double date fashion, Jesse and Megan split the chicken-fried black bean veggie burger with an egg and cheddar cheese. They also ordered the mac-and-cheese for all of us to share. McDreamy and I jumped on that bandwagon and split the chicken-fried black bean veggie burger with an egg and cheddar cheese, and we ordered the curry fries for all of us to share.

Are we annoying? (Don't answer that).

BUT YOU GUYS. I cannot even begin to tell you how good everything was.

We'll start with the curry fries - Topped with masala curry, pickled shallots, jalapenos, and cilantro, these fries were great. The Boheme fries at Cafe Boheme will always be my favorite "fancy fry," but these are definitely up there. Eating the curry fries was an exciting experience because of their interesting complex flavors (the curry! the spiciness! WOW!).

But if I had to do it over again, I would have ordered a second helping of the mac and cheese in place of the curry fries because I'm sorry, CHEETOS ON TOP OF MACARONI AND CHEESE IS A REAL THING AND MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE.

This was just stupid it was so good. Something different from the standard elbow mac? Check. A beautiful melty cheesy mixture? Check. Cheetos crumbled on top????? Seriously, is this real life?

Promise me you'll order it if you go.

And promise me you'll order this.

First let me apologize for how this terrible picture shows you absolutely nothing about the ethereal veggie burger resting inside those fluffy bun pillows. (Also, let me apologize for ever saying "fluffy bun pillows"). There was an indescribably dreamy guy sitting next to me making me nervous as I worried about my Cheeto-covered face and whether or not I had dropped the "I have a food blog" bomb on him too soon and if I'd be able to find a way to watch the UK premiere of Downton Abbey months prior to the U.S. release.

(But seriously guys, dating. Amiright?)

I have a pretty solid running list of Top Five Veggie Burgers in my mind, and I can confidently say that this one has landed a secure spot in there. The patty adhered together so perfectly with the "chicken-fried" coating, and the runny egg and cheddar really sealed the deal. The texture of the patty itself had a slight crunch from the coating, which was pleasant to experience. Topped with avocado and served with what I believe was a chipotle mayo, the burg was full of flavor, cooked perfectly, and just downright delicious.

I am beyond glad Jesse was so adamant about us trying out Lowbrow. All of the food there was amazing, and it's a great little spot. Sit inside the somewhat dark restaurant/bar area, or park yourself on the large patio like we did and enjoy the cooler fall evenings we're starting to get! Oh, and be sure to check out the super cool retro wallpaper in the bathrooms, which is an homage to old school Houston (think Astrodome and oil rigs).

But if you're going on a date, word to the wise you may want to wait until you reach the "I-have-Cheetos-all-up-in-my-teeth-but-I've-already-tricked-you-into-adoring-me-so-you'll-hold-my-hand-anyway" phase of the relationship.

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