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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Are we basically halfway through August already?

We are basically halfway through August already.

How in God's name did that happen? It's a little scary to me because this means I'm already basically THREE WEEKS away from going to Peru, and even though I perfectly plan everything to an annoying fault, I don't think I'll ever feel prepared, so I'm a little bit freaking out!
But more than that, I am incredibly excited. I'm also excited to start wearing my favorite things soon, aka boots and sundresses, come September (wishful thinking? October? November? help.) because this Houston summer has essentially been like this…

No this is not at all photoshopped, and yes my car may be a *tad* dramatic.
...and my giant hair has got something to say about it.

But enough about boots and sundresses and humidity and alpacas (omg, this blog is going to be plastered with photos of me posing with llamas in a month, YOU'RE WELCOME).

A few weeks ago, my dear friends Lenny and Christy packed their lives up and headed Northeast to ship off to Boston. (Is that a song? I think it's a song). And while I miss them terribly already, I am super excited for them and their new adventure!

The night before they left, they decided to have one final hurrah at Onion Creek Cafe in the Heights with me, Lenny's/my de facto little sister Fran, and our friends Caleb and Lindsey. I had never been, but had visited Canyon Creek once and heard plenty about The Creek Group in general.

First impressions: It's a quirky, good-vibey, friendly bar. I anticipated decent food, but nothing more than standard pub fare.

I'm so often wrong! And I love it!

First, before I go into the sheer massive amount of food I ate that night, I have to release the disclaimer that Christy and I had just come from a 90 minute hot yoga class, so I was in Eat All of the Things mode.

We started off with the trio, which included chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole. And it all was great. Life changing? No, but very good. The guacamole was super fresh, I believe the chips were homemade (if not, they definitely fooled me), and the queso was velvety and tasty.

Next up, we ordered the meat and cheese plate to split. And once again, I'm all, "Meh, how good can this really be?"

Answer: UghSOgood.

The variety of cheeses was great, the bread was fluffy and crunchy, and the accompanying strawberries and grapes were fresh and the perfect accompaniment. True, I was drunk from having done 187 downward dogs that night. And true, I'm probably going to love any cheese plate you put in front of me because, #duh. But I do think careful thought went into this one. It's definitely worth a try!

For my main course (this is a judgement-free zone, people.) I ordered the hummus wrap and added a soy boca patty to it.

I'm being 100% serious when I say I dreamt about it that night and craved it for the rest of the week and maybe saw a supermoon after my first bite. I.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.

The whole wheat wrap contained spinach artichoke hummus, avocado, greek feta salad, lettuce, and tomatoes. That hummus was out of this world. It was super creamy and delicate, and went flawlessly with the soy boca patty. It really was absolutely outrageous. And dipped into that creamy cilantro dipping sauce? Stop it, I'm drooling on my desk.

And look at the fries! Look at that seasoning! They really were as good as they appear. They were perfectly crunchy, served super hot, and the seasoning was salty with a little punch. Loved them.

Onion Creek Cafe is a homey and inviting place, with an obvious "this is a great place to grab a beer" vibe. More unassuming is it's delicious, inexpensive, not-your-traditional-pub-food offerings which are bound to please the crowds!

Even if you didn't just spend the last 90 minutes upside down and contorted like a [mixed up] rubik's cube.

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