Taco Tuesdays: Torchy's Tacos

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Can't everything just be wrapped in a tortilla?

Two weekends ago while my dad and sister Emily were off celebrating her 22nd birthday in Vegas, my mom and I decided to have a girls weekend out on the town. This included Happy Hour at Tony Mandola's, lunch at Bowl Cafe, dinner at Mockingbird Bistro, brunch at Down House, catching the play "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" at the Alley, and breakfast one morning at Torchy's Tacos on Shepherd.

In other news I can't hear you over my clogged arteries and failing liver.

But we had such a great weekend! And Torchy's was ahh-mazing as per uszh. I've been to this Texas chain several times before, but this time I came equipped to take photos and write about it.

The tacos are loaded so completely with several pieces of heaven, that one is plenty for me. But we decided to be adventurous and ordered three for the two of us to sample. Each one was darn good in its own way (fresh tortillas ugh I love you), and you really cannot go wrong with any of these, but I will rank them for you in order of Favorite to Most Favorite to Most Most Favorite.

3. Fried Avocado

Hand-battered fresh avocados fried and served with vegetarian refried beans, topped with pico, lettuce, & cheese. Served with poblano sauce on a corn tortilla.

Yeah, that'll do.

The main star of this taco, the fried avocado, was delicate and sensational, and the poblano sauce gave it a wonderfully spicy kick. It's my number three because the avocado - although perfectly cooked - was a tad overwhelming. A little less avocado, and a little more of the accoutrements would have probably balanced it better. But still incredibly good.

2. #5 Breakfast Taco

Potato, (pinto or black) bean & cheese. Served with your choice of fresh tortilla and choice of sauce.

This one was almost a tie with my number one. WOW. First of all, if you put a potato in anything (and I do mean anything), there's pretty much no way I'm not going to love it. We added green chiles to this, and it was ridiculous. The combination of the potatoes, beans, cheese, and green chiles might be the most genius thing to happen to food since fluffernutter sandwiches.

1. Dirty Sanchez

Scrambled eggs with a fried poblano chile, guacamole, escabeche carrots and shredded cheese. Served with Poblano Sauce on a fresh flour tortilla.

Y'ALL. I cannot pinpoint an exact reason why this one landed the number one spot, but please believe it's incredible. Was it the eggs? (Neither of the other tacos had eggs) Was it the spicy fried poblano chile or the poblano sauce? The guac? The carrots? The cheese? So many different textures and flavors created one of the most perfect breakfast tacos I've ever had. If you go, this is my number one recommendation. So grab a fork and dig in, as you discover new exciting flavor combinations with every bite of the Dirty Sanchez!

Torchy's is a beloved Texas chain, and it's become a regular weekend breakfast spot for me. That particular morning, we sat on the patio, which was quiet and breezy. There's also plenty of seating inside for those hot Houston summer days. You can't go wrong with the creative tacos at Torchy's, and it's the perfect weekend morning treat!

A taco a day keeps the doctor away.


  1. I STILL haven't been to Torchy's and I've been to Austin 3 times! I've been getting my breakfast taco and taco fix from Turf n' Surf and Tamale House!

    1. It's definitely worth a visit! And thanks for the tip on Turf n' Surf and Tamale House - I'll be sure to give those a try next time I'm in Austin! :)


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