Brunchin' at Brick & Spoon

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Guys. I'm going to NYC in roughly 16 days, and I'm going to smoosh faces with my friends, shove pizza down my throat, dance to wild 80s tunes at my friend Mike's rockin' wedding, and bask in the tale as old as time tradition of brunch.

But in the meantime, a fine Houston brunch spot that rivals the countless ones peppered along the NYC sidewalks can be found at Brick & Spoon on Westheimer.

Side Note: I previously could not find my photos from this visit and automatically assumed I had accidentally deleted them (because that would be par for the course), but it turns out my dumb phone overheated in the sun, so I took photos with my friend Megan's phone, which she has since sent to me. Hoorah!

After punching some bags in kickboxing class a few Saturdays ago (it's seriously become an addiction), I met up with my girlfriends Megan and Boh for brunch at Brick & Spoon. It was a particularly lovely Saturday, and after a short 20 minute wait, we were able to sit outside on the nice deck (and get a little sunburned - whoops!). Our waiter was awesome, and he and I became besties in about 2.7 seconds. Megan said she felt like the 3rd wheel to our new friendship.

But more importantly, this:

That's right. A build-your-own-Bloody-Mary, which duh, I had to do.

It's a $12.50 Bloody Mary which almost made me choke, but I had to do it. You know, for Narnia.

Anyway, the thing was ginormous, and was probably two drinks in one, so can I really complain? No. And while I definitely enjoyed it (hello, it's me), it wasn't my favorite Bloody. Then again, I'm the one who built the darn thing, so I only have myself to blame.

But this is definitely a nice, unique feature of Brick & Spoon's brunch.

Bacon. That's where I went wrong. I should have added bacon. *smacks head*

Now I know that I have claimed that salads usually make me feel sad and empty inside, and rightly so. But sometimes I get a wild hair and want one for some reason. I'm assuming the reason on this particular occasion was that I had just jumped around with giant gloves on my hand for the past hour, so I was inspired to be healthy.

That, or I had just basically eaten a meal in the form of a drink.

Tomato, Tomahto.

So I ordered the Grilled Veggie Salad with shrimp and almost had a heart attack from the beauty radiating from the thing. I mean look at it!

And y'all, it even tastes 10 times better than it looks, if you can imagine that. While the salad was light, it still managed to be filling (I'd definitely recommend adding the shrimp like I did), and the bold flavors of the different grilled vegetables were divine. Topped with feta cheese and a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette, I can find no fault with this salad. It's lovely. And fantastic.

Megan and Boh ordered the Breakfast Tacos, which make for an interesting display as they are housed in crispy wonton shells. While Megan liked her tacos, she took a bite of my salad and said she'd be ordering that next time.

A salad! Seriously! It really will rock your world.

Brick & Spoon is a lovely outdoor brunch spot, and the interior is also quite chic and cozy for those unbearable Houston summer (and winter? ugh) days. The food is fantastic, and I definitely recommend going!

ALWAYS add bacon.


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