Texas Renaissance Festival

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Sometimes you just gotta give in to the weird(ly fantastic).

After a having had a particularly un-fun week, I ventured outside the loop with my friend Meredith to attend the Texas Renaissance Festival. She and I had both never been, so we decided to check it out (and hopefully make the end of my week better)!

The grounds were huge and very pretty, lined with cute outdoor shops, counter service restaurants, rides, and games. And filled with people in costume. We were not in costume, and we'd often wonder if the people who approached us were Ren Fest workers or attendees. Either way, they all appeared to be having a blast! And we, too, were really enjoying ourselves.

We attended a joust:

(Go Team Germany).

We got horribly, embarrassingly lost in a maze:

And we also got married!

Just kidding, they don't allow that in Texas YET, but if they did, we could have. There is a wedding chapel in the middle of the Renaissance Festival grounds, and it is actually very beautiful. The ultimate themed wedding, my friends.

The real highlight of the day was attending the Ded Bob Sho. The comedic performance consisted of a masked man operating a talking skeleton named Bob. Bob spouted hilarious and borderline inappropriate jokes, heckled the audience, and had everyone laughing and cheering for him throughout its entirety. Definitely worth checking out (but probably not with children).

The other highlight was the turkey leg. Er. Mer. Gerd. The only time I think I've ever had a turkey leg was in high school at a Medieval Times. But I don't really remember, so it probably wasn't nearly as good as this one. This one was Ahhhhmazing. Meredith said it was the best turkey leg she ever had. Whatever it was smoked in gave it so much flavor. Absolutely mouthwatering.

Do I think I'll ever go back? Probably not, but I'm glad I checked it out. I had a great time being silly and escaping reality for a little while with my friend. It definitely brightened up my week!

If you decide to go, I definitely recommend going earlier on in the run, probably in October. It was freezing this weekend, and there really are not any indoor spaces to warm up your cold tootsies if need be.

Also, be sure to get there early in the day to avoid parking a mile away. Fortunately we did, so no issues there. There is an option of paying $10 for premier parking, but I personally would want to avoid that at all costs!

And if you happen to run into a Russian gypsy while you're walking around, take the time to talk to him. He may be an actor, he may be an attendee, he may be a legit 16th century wandering gypsy transported in time. Whoever he is, he's HI-Larious.


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